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Topic: Seeking Opinions on a cornet solo

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    Seeking Opinions on a cornet solo

    I'm working on this piece and I'm wondering if this cornet solo is plausible.

    Cornet solo

    Does this sound like a solo that a cornet player could do? Are the slides and portamento too much? Is it possible? Is it ridiculous? What do you think?

    I wish I had more articulations for it. It's the cornet that is part pf the Epic Orchestra download.



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    Re: Seeking Opinions on a cornet solo

    I can't see why a good jazz playing / reading cornet player couldn't play this.

    Your problem, if you want exactly what you hear there, is how to go about notating it for a reading player!

    It could be done of course, but would probably stop any player in his or her tracks on a sight read...



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    Re: Seeking Opinions on a cornet solo

    Hi Marco

    That does sound playable ... though you'd possibly need one of the top cornet players to do it real justice...

    .. like Alan Morrison, perhaps:


    ... or Roger Webster:


    Given the jazz feel and orchestral backing, I'm wondering why particulalry want to use a cornet rather than just a trumpet, when you'd probably find many more jazz or orchestral trumpet players capable of playing the part.


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    Re: Seeking Opinions on a cornet solo

    As far as the notes are concerned, this should not be that difficult for pro players.
    But you could always make it very difficult (annoying might be the better word) if you put slurs in very strange places.
    Kentaro Sato (Ken-P)

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    Re: Seeking Opinions on a cornet solo


    And totally playable

    As Barrie said, just make sure it is well-notated. I would also opt for a trumpet on this piece rather than the cornet. When playing it is easier to achieve an open, broad sound on the soaring lines.

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    Re: Seeking Opinions on a cornet solo

    Thanks Barrie, Peter, Ken-P, and Reegs.

    I used a cornet sample because it is the only solo brass sample I currently have that can do legato and portamento in this way.I think I have just four articulations here: staccato, sustain, legato and legato with portamento. I'd love to try it with a good trumpet sample and several more articulations.

    I want a fatter sound with a bit of a swagger to it.

    I don't have to worry about notating it. If I do, I'll call my friend who plays trumpet.

    Would a trumpet have a broader sound in the upper register than the cornet?


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    Re: Seeking Opinions on a cornet solo

    Re: trumpet=fatter sound

    Yeah, as a trumpet player (and former cornettist), almost definately, especially if he/she was playing on something in the shallower range of mouthpieces. Cornet tends towards a mellow, dark "covered" sound, whereas most trumpet horn/mouthpiece combinations result in brighter, more open sounds.
    What you're written sounds pretty nifty, however it feels like something that would be mostly improvised, rather than written out, am I right?

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    Re: Seeking Opinions on a cornet solo


    I'll have to search for a good trumpet sample.

    The solo is an improvised and edited pattern. I did not write it out.


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