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Topic: Stylus RMX problem after updating Kontakt

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    Stylus RMX problem after updating Kontakt

    I just updated Kontakt because Tonehammer's Emotional Piano and Ambius required a later Kontakt version. Since that update Stylus RMX has started crashing Sonar.

    For some reason it seems more likely to crash if I have one of the new libraries from Tonehammer running in Kontakt. If I have one of those libraries loaded Stylus RMX will crash Sonar if I insert that VST.

    RMX is also acting strange even if not crashing Sonar, I can't audition loops for example - I get no sound.

    Is it possible that the latest Kontakt 4 version is causing the problems? I really had no problems at all with crashes before I updated Kontakt this weekend. Can I go back to an earlier Kontakt 4 version in some way?

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    Re: Stylus RMX problem after updating Kontakt

    Ok, now I rolled back to previous versions of Kontakt 4 ( and also Massive and Guitar Rig that where updated when I ran the service center).

    I still have problems with Stylus RMX. Crashing Sonar, not playing back parts... etc.

    Any ideas where to start?

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