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Topic: QLB via Prosamples

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    QLB via Prosamples

    Classical Orchestra (convert to gig) fine!
    Entho World (convert to gig) fine!
    Percussion Adventures (convert to gig) fine!
    QLB Orchestral (Convert to gig) not fine!
    * see post.

    Im lost. Here is that file I was talking about yesterday.

    4FHSUSM and there is also, 4FHSUSM+ . Both loacted in PARTITON C - VOLUME 002.

    Converet to gig and it\'s very muffeld..almost not there.
    *see post.

    Could there be a problem with the CD?>

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    Re: QLB via Prosamples


    Thank you for looking into this. I will stand by.

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    Re: QLB via Prosamples

    Programs with a + indicate that they require another program or 2 to complete them. 4FHsusF+ requires 4FHsusM+ and 4FHsusP+ to give you all the velocity layers (in the complete QLB library). I didn\'t program the Prosamples stuff, so I am trying to find out what is going on. BUT, if you see a program that has the same name as another, but has a \"+\" at the end of the name, that means that they are the same program, except the \"+\" program only covers certain velocities. You should never combine these two programs.

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