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Topic: Reggae Stylus

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    Reggae Stylus

    I see your face palms but I really want to know: How can I force Stylus to produce a nice reggae beat? I'm not used to this style but hoped to find some assistance within Stylus (talking about the Feel templates). Well, being ignorant it didn't help me a lot. I then thought I'd tweak the Time designer to my needs but my results are awful. Is there someone who can help me? FYI I'm new to Stylus and didn't check all of the zillions of patches yet so I probably overlooked a lot.

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    Re: Reggae Stylus

    I´m owner of the Stylus since the beginning of the then revolutionary product. RMX is a great great tool which has developed hugely since the first versions but certainly is just in the beginning of its evolution. It has very sophisticated high end modules and in the creative hands you can do many different things with it - I recommend starting by watching all the video tutorials.
    But you are right (as the end user always is, I think - he´s the king):
    the support of the workflow, the guidance how quickly finding the rhythm,
    sound and the nuances you are looking for, is not the best possible in the RMX. At the moment these are very much based on trial and error. One of the first things which will make things easier, which is already sort of promised by the Spectrasonics (see e.g. http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ad.php?t=71361) for the upcoming versions is a good file/style search engine for the RMX: I hope this will be not only a name/alphabet based basic search tool but really a new generation, creative support for a practical work flow. Harry

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    Re: Reggae Stylus


    I too, am having a difficult time finding suitable Stylus patches for the songs on which I am working. To solve this I am building kits with Stylus and composing MIDI files that I find work better with my project.

    You will learn quite a lot by building rhythms from the ground, up. It is time consuming at first but you'll get much faster at programming your own patches. Also, you'll have your own sizable beat library in no time.

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