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Topic: Found and Lost (Shortfilm-Music)

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    Found and Lost (Shortfilm-Music)

    Hi everybody,

    a few month ago I scored a short-film for a friend of mine.
    The working process was kind of adventures. I had one day for writing and rendering the music and couldn't spot film. Actually the only thing I knew was the timing of the music and the temp-track.
    I don’t even know what the director really thought about the music he just said: “It works, I can use it!” He was in a rush too because this was his film of application for film-school.

    "Stille Nacht" is mend to be a tangoesque/cool source-music-version of Silent Night. I don't know if I succeeded in matching the style.
    I'm 80% happy with the rendering. I think the bass performance could have been better but again I had not much time fore this.

    All the instruments are from GPO and JABB except the base in "Stille Nacht". That one is from the Kontakts Core 2 Player and of course the synths in "Anfang" (Beginning) aren't from GPO/JABB as well.
    Oh, and in "Ende" (Ending) I used some of the string sounds from the Kontakt Player that was part of Sibelius 3 to layer it with the GPO strings.

    I hope you enjoy this.
    All the best


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    Re: Found and Lost (Shortfilm-Music)

    I liked ENDE. Anfang is a bit short, and Stille Nacht is not my taste.

    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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    Re: Found and Lost (Shortfilm-Music)

    I guess this can work pretty well in the context of a movie. Silent Night didn't wasn't so great to me: it's just too recognizable still, especially the piano. The reharmonization is quite cool, and the trio sound is quite good (except for the repeated piano notes), but the song doesn't let itself be dominated. The styles are all rather different, the end being to most romantic. Good job pulling that off, in one day. Makes me wonder though: what's the movie like?

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    Re: Found and Lost (Shortfilm-Music)

    Hi JAN,

    I find it amazing you did all that in one day...

    I enjoyed hearing all three, each different from the others.

    Anfang is mysterious and dreamy.
    Stille Nacht is playful and cool, with interesting twists and chord progressions.
    And Ende has a feel of anticipation with a dramatic touch.

    Thanks for sharing!


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    Re: Found and Lost (Shortfilm-Music)

    Nice work on these - I especially liked the 2nd one although the first one had some interesting things happening towards the end. It would be much better to post the video as well so we can see what is going on.

    Thanks for posting!

    Music happens to be an art form that transcends language. - Herbie Hancock


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    Re: Found and Lost (Shortfilm-Music)

    Very nice as a set (possibly suite) and has a solid theatrical feel. Nicely done.

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