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Topic: fatar VMK 88 plus

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    fatar VMK 88 plus

    in not able to find a french person to help me, so i hope you'll be better! X-D

    i've just received my fatar, but the manual is too complicated for my little brain! ^^

    for the beginning, i only would like to play something and i don't know how to!

    do i need the USB or USB-midi converter ? (they forgot it!) or do the alimentation is enough?

    and after? (tried to preset but i 've failed!)

    pleaaaase help meeee!

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    Re: fatar VMK 88 plus

    You don't need the USB, you can just hook up a regular Midi cable. As far as presets, you shouldn't need anything so complicated except when you're making settings for sustain pedals, etc. But in order to just start playing, I think all you need to do is hook up a midi cable into your midi device and start playing.

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    Red face Re: fatar VMK 88 plus

    thanxs a lot, i'm a turkey!

    i use to play piano and didn't know that i need a computer!! i think it will be better now!!

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    Re: fatar VMK 88 plus

    gotcha. another alternative to a computer would be a midi sound module. You just hook up the keyboard to the module with a midi cable. But a computer will work fine, and there a lot of free and commercial midi libraries to choose from. Enjoy!

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