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Topic: Tonehammer's "Ambius transmissions"... opinions?

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    Tonehammer's "Ambius transmissions"... opinions?

    Hey group,

    I'm looking for some nice, non-obtrusive ambiences for a film I'm working on. I don't want any in-your-face sounds that draw attention... I want peaceful, colorful, warm, magical, etc. Have been tinkering with my own sounds and it's just not cutting it.

    For those who own ambius-transmissions, does the collection have these kinds of sounds?



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    Re: Tonehammer's "Ambius transmissions"... opinions?

    I'm pretty impressed with this. And I think I'd like to get more of Tonehammer's stuff based solely on this library purchase (really want Requiem). This is first thing of theirs that I have purchased and it's pretty awesome. They tend to cover a lot of ground, trying to provide as many different possible things that a composer would need.

    Here is a short piece I did as an audition for something which seems like it probably won't happen. It was for a trailer, which is why it's kind of spare and does a 180: http://www.josephcarrillo.com/mp3/Trailer-441k-24b.mp3

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    Re: Tonehammer's "Ambius transmissions"... opinions?

    Thanks for the info! nice demo too. Anybody else able to share their thoughts?


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    Re: Tonehammer's "Ambius transmissions"... opinions?

    While I have a lot of Tonehammer libs (just bought Emotional Piano, outstanding!) I don't have Ambius.

    Have you given the Alchemy Player any consideration? That's what I use when I'm in need of some ambience, especially the soundbank "Cinematic". I'm a bit curious of "Luftrum: Ambient" as well but haven't bought it, yet.

    Sorry, not meant to hijack the thread...


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    Re: Tonehammer's "Ambius transmissions"... opinions?

    Thanks for the advice! I checked out those sounds, I like them a lot, something I might need to pick up... Still, I'm looking for any additional feedback regarding ambius: transmission, if anyone out there has opinions.


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    Re: Tonehammer's "Ambius transmissions"... opinions?

    Ambius is one of the most inspiring tools I've ever run across... it is so much fun you'll likely spend the first couple of evenings just playing with it, and grinning ear to ear!

    I'm a big fan of the NI synths, and Camel Audio Alchemy, for creating cool sounding pads and drones, and I never really expected that a sample library - other than sampling a synth - could do this sort of thing well, but it does!

    Caveat - I do a lot of sound design work, and that's why I bought it, but I can see many uses for it in more conventional compositions as well.
    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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    Re: Tonehammer's "Ambius transmissions"... opinions?

    Hey Bill, I appreciate the opinion. One question- are the sounds pretty in your face? I'm looking for ambience on the subtle side... Anything too complex will probably be useless to me.


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    Re: Tonehammer's "Ambius transmissions"... opinions?

    Quote Originally Posted by AlexDavis View Post
    are the sounds pretty in your face? I'm looking for ambience on the subtle side... Anything too complex will probably be useless to me.
    They are certainly capable of getting in your face, and that's how I'm using them for a current project, but I don't think that they have to be. However, I have not really listened to them for subtle contexts, so I'll have to give them a listen this evening and see what I hear.

    Interesting query!

    I will add that thus far I have found every single library from Tonehammer to be exceptional in all ways... well, a couple of the things they did over the holidays are a bit one-trick-ish, but all the stuff they released for real has been great. Makes it especially difficult for me to resist their Requiem and Piano libraries<G>!
    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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    Re: Tonehammer's "Ambius transmissions"... opinions?

    Thanks for the kind words about my track. Personally I think they provide enough patch options and tweakability to allow both subtle and in-your-face sounds.

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