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Topic: Vienna "Elements" opinions wanted

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    Vienna "Elements" opinions wanted

    I have ordered the Vienna Elements package and am now having some reservations... (thinking about sending it back before I open it)

    I have listened to the demos and hear some great stuff in there but am concerned that I won't get enough mileage out of it. Does abybody out there own this library? if so, do you use it?

    It's just under $300 bucks and for that kind of cash I could scoop up Diamond from Kirk Hunter. (Orchestrally I own Vienna SE and extended, Appasionata strings and extended and EW Gold Pro XP)

    I love ecletic type sounds and when they come from organic instruments (not synths) it seems even better. I'm just wondering if anybody that owns it regrets the purchase or can't live without it.

    Thanks for any advice.

    All the very best,

    "Every time you play a wrong note God kills a kitten."

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    Re: Vienna "Elements" opinions wanted

    I never regretted buying it for a second, but I'm a huge sucker for eclectic sounds, glasses in particular.

    If you're less bothered about the lithophones there's also GlassWorks from Soniccouture. I think it probably works out slightly more expensive at the moment, but gives some truly weird sounds.

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    Re: Vienna "Elements" opinions wanted

    I own it and love it! In fact I've got TOO much mileage out of it. You won't regret opening the box, trust me.


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    Re: Vienna "Elements" opinions wanted

    +1 - Elements is fantastic. And it'll never get old.


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    Re: Vienna "Elements" opinions wanted

    I decided to open the box and not send it back. To be honest my 1st impression is a tad regretful. I really like the Lithophone. THe tam tam effects are Ok but EW Gold has way more. I'm curious as to why they didn't give way more articulations like EW did. The bottle is nothing special. I have a decent bottle blow in Halion 1. The waterphone is nice but, again, not a lot of content. The glasses and Glass Harmonica are interesting. I do like the way you can control the velocity and there is definitely an organic type of sound versus a synthy type of sound.

    I guess I was hoping for more content? I don't know. At $275 it seems a tad pricey for the amount of content.

    With all this said I was mesmorized by the demos so perhaps I am not in the right frame of mind to enjoy the sounds. I also received Trilian at the same time and was not as blown away as when I opened up Omnisphere.

    Maybe I'm burning out on VST's Maybe I need to buy an Oberheim OB-8? Maybe I need to stop typing and dig in to my new sounds

    All in all Elements is nice. Just hasn't grown on me yet...

    2 cents,

    "Every time you play a wrong note God kills a kitten."

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