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Topic: Problem with GPO4 dynamics?

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    Problem with GPO4 dynamics?

    I use GPO4 as a plugin for Sibelius 6. A few weeks ago I noticed that some dynamics marking in scores were not playing back correctly. I reported this to Sibelius, and was eventually told:
    I asked one of our developers to look into this, and I'm afraid this looks very much like a bug in GPO4. It seems as though GPO is unreliable in volume when switching legato on and off – remove the slur and the problem goes away.
    Is this a known problem? Something causing CC#1 to be ignored or misinterpreted? I'm pretty new to Sibelius but so far I haven't seen them point fingers at other products.

    If this is a know problem, does it involve just legato? I found another place that did not involve a slur (which gets translated into legato control plus overlapping notes) but did involve just the opposite - staccato. I can no longer locate that one - I may have accidentally fixed it - but I'm pretty sure it was for a KS solo string of some sort. Not much in common with the 2 problems except "return to normal" - the CC#1 problem happens following some slurs (not all) and some staccatos (again, not all).


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    Re: Problem with GPO4 dynamics?

    I've got confirmation from Sibelius support that the problem involves GPO4 legato control. I (and they) do not know if it effects anything other than solo strings.

    Sibelius support has requested that further questions relating to this problem be directed to Garritan support, but I'm having trouble locating it. I see a "Support" link on the Garritan web site but don't see any way to report or inquire about bugs. All I can find is this forum.

    Is Garritan support still collecting info relating to this bug?

    I've determined that turning on the legato control does not usually invoke the problem. Something else must occur, and that "something else" occurs in the previous few measures. (I know "measures" is meaningless to GPO4, but that's the only way I can see things in Sibelius.) When that something happens, dynamics markings (modwheel settings, I assume) are either ignored or misinterpreted for a few notes.

    I would very much like to know what I can do to avoid the problem (while still using legato) and or how to get out of the situation once it starts. I also would mind knowing what instruments are effected. Just solo strings?

    Thank you.


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    Re: Problem with GPO4 dynamics?

    I'm not sure about Sibelius, but with Finale it's best NOT to use auto legato. My understanding is auto legato is really designed more for sequencer applications. I think notation programs usually take care of legato functions with notation markings (slurs, etc.)

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: Problem with GPO4 dynamics?

    But (I don't think) I'm not talking about auto legato (CC#102?). I'm taking about the Sustain/Legato control (CC#68 for Notation instruments, CC#64 for non-Notation).

    I don't know what Finale does, but Sibelius turns on CC#68 and lengthens note length (default length of 102%) for notes under a slur/phrase mark in the score. Occasionally (and only occasionally) something odd happens to the loudness of the note (or notes?) under (or maybe immediately following) the slur.

    I've positively identified this only in one score so far so I assume conditions for causing it are rare.


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    Re: Problem with GPO4 dynamics?

    I understand. Although I can say playback in Finale (CC68) works as expected which leads me to think the problem isn't with the Aria player itself, but how Sibelius interfaces with it.

    At first I thought you meant auto legato was turned on. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


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    Re: Problem with GPO4 dynamics?

    Quote Originally Posted by swinkler View Post
    ...which leads me to think the problem isn't with the Aria player itself, but how Sibelius interfaces with it.
    I'd love to turn this back over to Sibelius support but they seem pretty certain it's in the Garritan court. I assumed they had discussed this with either Garritan or Plogue people. However, if neither Garritan or Plogue support has heard about this from Sibelius support I'll continue working with Sibelius on it.


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