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Topic: Omni/Trillian Updating

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    Omni/Trillian Updating

    Hi just a quick question.

    If I rebuild my main DAW and reinstall Omnisphere and Trilian can I just install the latest s/w and patches or do I need to install all the previous ones too, e.g. 1.1, 1.2 then 1.3 or are all the patches rolled up into the latest update release?



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    Re: Omni/Trillian Updating

    Just install the latest update and it rolls everything previous in.

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    Re: Omni/Trillian Updating

    Also, if your data files are on another HDD you don't need to re-install those, after you've installed the latest patch/update, and re-authorised, Omnisphere or Tilian will ask you to relocate the STEAM folder after which you're good to go again.
    I just did all that and all's cool, 'just thought I'd mention this here because I had to do a fair bit if searching to find out for myself.


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