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Topic: Omni pics missing

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    Omni pics missing

    Hi Eric and Team,

    First of all, THANK YOU for the fantastic 1.3.1 update. It is really incredible ! Some of the patches are just exquisite, some are just so informative - I had wondered how I could combine the Trilian patches with Omni, and you showed us how in so many way - the patch and multi comments you provide are so great! All the new features are just awesome. Just the whole thing really rocks my world !

    Also thank you for the 1.3.2 update that fixes the start note in Logic. A friend was singing your praises for fixing it so fast - it's a little thing but important. Really- thank you.

    I wanted to let you know that after doing the 1.3.2 update this morning I noticed that my Omni pics are missing. All the other libraries are good, just Omni ones. Not a big deal, but I love those pics!

    When you have a new artist video I think you should make a new post to make sure people don't miss them! Love that last one !

    I'm sure everyone agrees with me when I say 'Thank You' for all the hard work and serious TLC !


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    Re: Omni pics missing

    Omni pics missing here as well


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    Re: Omni pics missing


    Note that the Omnisphere patch and multi libraries have no images, that's only true for Trilian right now and the Omnisphere soundsources.

    Or is it something else?

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    Re: Omni pics missing

    Omnisphere patch and multi libraries have no images
    I missed that memo ! Sorry. No that's all.

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