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Topic: Bela d kids choir question...

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    Bela d kids choir question...

    So whats the difference between getting the "Voices of the Young" which has boy and girl choirs versus purchasing each choir separately?


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    Re: Bela d kids choir question...

    Good question, The only information that I found was this chart. I could not find information on how large the full version is for sake of comparison to the LE versions.



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    Re: Bela d kids choir question...

    I will also be interested in knowing about the usability of the LE version... my understanding is that the LE version do not have the legato capability and advanced scripting as well as the far mic samples.

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    Re: Bela d kids choir question...

    The most important differences are that the LE version has only one microphone and does not offer phrase building capabilities. The full version is roughly 4.5GB.
    Gábor Valasek
    Scripting Team
    Bela D Media.com

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