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Topic: Pros: Archiving When Using VSTi's?

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    Pros: Archiving When Using VSTi's?


    Wondering how the serious pros archive their projects. If you're using VSTi's like I am, I'm interested in what you do about VST upgrades etc. I've upgraded from Colossus to Goliath, Cubase 3 to 5, Absynth 3 to 5, etc. and all come with a fair amount of pain, sometimes I flat out lose parts. Luckily I'm not a pro so it's not a huge deal to lose stuff, but what do you pros do, you can't afford to lose old projects, and you probably can't afford the time to manually convert your older format VST's, wondering what you do? Do you print your VSTi's before you archive? Seems like the only truly safe way to do it, but what a pain! Maybe you pros have assistants to do such things... if so, must be nice.

    Anyway, any suggestions would be appreciated, you never know I may be a pro someday and have to worry about such things.....

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    Re: Pros: Archiving When Using VSTi's?

    Good question! A lot of times I almost dread opening up older projects from years back due to what you mentioned. I have finally learned over the years, though, to render all my vsti's to audio tracks so I at least have a quick way to have instant access to my individual tracks in project many years later. I can then re-assign newer/updated vsti's to the midi tracks if absolutely needed for tweaking.

    I would be interested to hear how others have dealt with this.
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    Re: Pros: Archiving When Using VSTi's?

    I'm not a pro but I'm a bit OCD when it comes to archiving old work. I use a combination of two methods.

    The first is like quantum7 said - For all my projects I render down all the tracks to WAVs on the final piece. That way I can load in old projects if need be.

    I've also been using the disk image backup functionality in Windows 7 to create backup images of my machine before I update software. For example. If I need a project that uses an old VST/sequencer/instrument, I can roll back the PC pretty quickly to any old state.

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