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Topic: Using GPO 4 with Sonar 8.5

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    Using GPO 4 with Sonar 8.5

    I'm having trouble figuring out midi settings and use of GPO with Sonar 8.5. I'm using as a vst and would like each instrument on separate tracks. I've chosen Midi Source, all Synth Outputs Stereo...witch gives me a track for each channel in GPO, but i'm only hearing and able to record the insrument loaded in track 1 of GPO into track 1 of Sonar. Why when I click on another track in GPO I still only hear instrument from track 1. I've been pulling my hair out for two days trying to figure out how to start creating with GPO. I've search you tube for tutorials as we'll as Cakewalk to no avail. PLEASE HELP!

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    Sonar Producer 8.5

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    Re: Using GPO 4 with Sonar 8.5

    When you look at the Aria mixer view, in the instument channel panel you'll see "tune", "0", then "1/2". It's the "1/2" pull-down menu that sets the audio output channels.

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    Re: Using GPO 4 with Sonar 8.5

    In Track View click on the IO tab. Make sure that the window on the left side is big enough to show the input, the output (which will be ARIA) and then the CH which is where you set the MIDI channel for each instrument. If the window is not showing all these options, then you need to click and drag to show all the columns on the left.

    The extra tracks you are setting up are the audio outputs. You need a MIDI track for each instrument. MIDI tracks have a little MIDI plug icon to the left of the track name. The audio tracks have a little waveform.


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