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Topic: Is there a GPO4 Manual?

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    Question Is there a GPO4 Manual?

    I can't find the manual for GPO4. There's one for the Aria update for JABB, but apparently not for GPO4 and I can't find a place to download one.


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    Re: Is there a GPO4 Manual?


    There should also be a PDF of it in your installation zip file.

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    Re: Is there a GPO4 Manual?

    Thanks! Like I said, I searched, but there wasn't a manual installed with GPO4. Yes--I purchased and downloaded it from Garritan.

    I'm wondering if the download was corrupt even though it installed OK. There's just too many strange things going on.


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    Re: Is there a GPO4 Manual?

    Aha! There is a newer version of GPO4 available and it contains a manual. Thanks for the help!


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