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Topic: GPO4: Woodwinds don't sustain

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    Unhappy GPO4: Woodwinds don't sustain

    I'm having some weird problems with GPO4 & Aria used with Finale 2010b.

    I'm working on a score and everything is going OK and then the woodwinds (usually) stop playing notes full value. It's like the sample doesn't have a loop point. I can open the Aria player and press a key on the keyboard in the player and after about 1/2 second, the tone abruptly shuts off.

    Usually, if I restart Finale or (worst case) reboot, everything is fine for a while. I've also reinstalled GPO4. But, it's getting to be a pain and a distraction. I don't run anything else except for Finale (and Norton -- probably the culprit huh?) while composing.

    System: WinXP SP3 x86, Intel Quad Core, 4 GB RAM.

    Has anyone seen this before? Any suggestions?


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    Re: GPO4: Woodwinds don't sustain

    Well, it occurs to me too sometimes, but on a Macintosh using Logic. After playing for some time and adding and removing instruments to multiple instances of the plugin, the looping simply stopped. I think I've also heard a wrong sample start point, but I'm not sure. I've sent a report with the supplied "Generate Logs" application, but I wouldn't know if there is something similar for Windows.

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    Re: GPO4: Woodwinds don't sustain

    Thanks for the reply. I notice that when it happens, it's generally just a few notes (always the important ones [sigh]) and it's consistently those notes on that instrument. I was able to get around the problem for an important project by choosing a different instrument, but then I didn't really get the sound I was looking for.

    I'm wondering if some of the samples are corrupt.


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    Re: GPO4: Woodwinds don't sustain

    Hey Randy,

    I have had this happen more than a few times when using Finale 2009. I don't think it's anything to do with corrupt files. I recently had the flute solo part play about three beats and then just quit (very abruptly). The only way I've found to fix it was to restart my computer (I have a PC with with a dual core). That seemed to fix the problem. Aria is not the resource hog that Kontakt used to be, but once in a while the sounds just stop playing. I find it happens most often after I've been doing other stuff like using the Internet or working on some other program but still have Finale running, too. I sometimes think it's more a Finale problem than an Aria problem.

    Gary A.
    Serenity Musician Productions (Gary A.)

    Lenovo ThinksStation S30, Windows 10 Professional 64-bit, 20 gig ram, 2 terabyte hd., M-Audio Fast Track, Finale25, Sonar Professional

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    Re: GPO4: Woodwinds don't sustain

    I've had this happen as well (Finale 2009). I wonder if it's a polyphony issue.

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: GPO4: Woodwinds don't sustain

    Steve: I don't think it's polyphony. I had the Aria VST open under Finale, the score wasn't playing, and when I played just a single note on the Aria on-screen keyboard, it cut off after about 1/2 second. It just sounded like it skipped over the loop point and just stopped. Some of the other notes played fine.

    And it's not just the same notes--after restarting Finale several times and cold booting the computer, all the notes would play OK and I wouldn't have any problems for sometimes several hours.

    I've never had problems like this with GPO and Kontakt. But the old GPO doesn't have the SAM brass and the choir samples.


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