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Topic: Finale "Export to Audio" broken after Aria JABB install

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    Finale "Export to Audio" broken after Aria JABB install

    "Export to Audio" in Finale 2010 was working fine before I installed the new Aria JABB. Now it just generates silent (but full-length) files. The Finale files do not use JABB sounds, only GPO4. I suppose it's possible I did something else to mess it up, but the JABB install was the only Aria-related thing I've done recently.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Finale "Export to Audio" broken after Aria JABB install

    FYI, I was able to fix this by changing the "Play Through:" setting on the Finale Audio Setup dialog from ASIO to DirectSound. It was working through ASIO before but not any more. Exporting to Audio is much slower now through DirectSound but at least it works...

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    Re: Finale "Export to Audio" broken after Aria JABB install

    Hello Dargason

    I believe the problem is ASIO 2.0's shortcoming that only one application can access the driver at a time.
    What I suspect is happening is that you have both the ARIA player and Finale set to use the ASIO driver.
    If you are not working in real-time, from a MIDI keyboard for example, and can tolerate the greater latency of the DirectSound driver, you could select the DirectSound driver for the ARIA Player and then use the Finale ASIO driver for Export to Audio" in Finale, if that is what you prefer to do.
    Hope this at least explains what is going on.
    Alan T
    Garritan: GPO4, JABB3, Steinway Model D Basic; Cakewalk: Sonar X1 Producer, VS100; MakeMusic: Finale 2011, PrintMusic 2011.

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