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Topic: Summertime by Gershwin (My piano rendition)

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    Summertime by Gershwin (My piano rendition)

    Although I'm sure some interesting piano adaptations of Summertime must exist, I got tired of the basic arrangement I had and decided to make my own more pianistic rendition of it.

    This version is basically a more developed piano accompaniment compared to the classic piano reduction, which is beautiful in its original version, with voice and orchestra but kind of dull on the piano. I wasn't looking for cool chord substitution, just a more exciting piano accomp.

    Summertime by Gershwin in my own piano rendition

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    Re: Summertime by Gershwin (My piano rendition)

    lovely, lovely, lovely! A very beautiful classical take on this. Thank you for sharing- Your work, as always, is top notch and intricate.

    Regarding the mix. Personally, it feels just a touch too wet for me. I want to hear a little bit more of that dry, raw sound. Something about the mix is a little bit too smooth for me (but only by a tad!)

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    Re: Summertime by Gershwin (My piano rendition)

    Thanks Alex!

    Regarding the mix anything you could suggest?

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