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Topic: Moment Of Romance

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    Lightbulb Moment Of Romance

    Hi my dear fellows,
    After so much work I'm happy back & try to relax and writing something romantic.
    This tune was inspired from a movie which I saw for round about 31 years.
    "CUBA" music by the genius composer Patrick Williams - one of my hereos. I has never forget this tune ..so I extended my memory to something own romantic stuff.

    Hope you enjoyed..(in special Yudit) comments always very welcome..



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    Re: Moment Of Romance

    Wow, Jaques, I didn't expect my wish to come true so quick!

    Now it's my turn to say: 'What can I say'...

    Starting with a very mysterious eastern flavored voice
    that seems to whisper something, you then apply that magic wand of yours
    and create a sweeping romantic moment...

    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to your next 'relaxed' moment.


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    Re: Moment Of Romance


    Sounds a bit like Michael Kamens Score for License to Kill. Greate Song!
    Very nice rendering.
    Is there something from Garritan? The stringportamenti are sounding really greate.

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    Re: Moment Of Romance

    Jaques, thanks for posting this pearl. this was extraordinary and I totally sank into the music. how did you do the choir?

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    Re: Moment Of Romance

    Dear Yudit,

    Thanks so much for your kind words. I think you are so romantic like me.
    Romantic music has been my whole life an essential character of my writing.
    I think as child I've listen so much to the music where my parents had listen to. My mother listen to a lot of chanson music ..my father to a lot of Frank Sinatra and Andy Williams stuff etc.. I think there are my very early influences. On the other side my bother going the Rock music way of listening. I think he not listen to the music from my parents like I did.

    Thanks again for your lovely words. Soon more.


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    Re: Moment Of Romance

    Daer Jannus,

    thanks for kind words here. Well I try to mix the celli parts with the "lush, muted celli" from GPO. I love this sound. Here a link to another short piece - called "String Montage" I've written for strings with the great lush muted strings from GPO only. : http://www.box.net/shared/620cx4nggz

    The Vln I+II for "Moments Of Romance" are taken from VSL lirary.


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    Re: Moment Of Romance

    Hi Giga,

    Thanks for your fine comment. Well the choir is taken from the
    Kontakt 3 library Synth- called "In a lonly place" - I like him a lot and used him for many other productions I've done the last years.


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