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Topic: Multiple instruments per channel (Dimensions)

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    Multiple instruments per channel (Dimensions)

    I am attempting to set up a full orchestra in 16 channels. Since I am obviously going to need more than 16 instruments, I am combining instruments that will not be used together into a single .gig. (IE, channel 1 can switch between Violins Arco, Pizzicato, Tremolo, and Maracato -- or Channel 2 can switch between Contrabassoon and Alto flute, since I have no intention of them ever playing simultaniously).

    I have been using the s-convert and the \"combine to gig\" option to add several AKAI instruments to a single gig. I then set dimension one to 8 regions, one instrument per region, responding to different values on controller 16.

    Sometimes this works fine, but the most recent onces I combined had slightly different key ranges, and one of them was stereo(the rest mono). The result was not to layer each instrument into it\'s own dimension region, but to add the extended range of the 2nd instrument to the first (so basically below a certain note the instrument changes). The stereo sample wasn\'t (as far as I can tell) assigned to any part of the dimension.

    So, at this point I wondering first, is there an easier way to work around this limited 16 channel problem without getting more channels with gigastudio? Bear in mind I\'m not looking fore more than 16 sounds simultaniously, essentially just being able to switch among more than 16 instruments from within a MIDI sequence.

    And the second question, if there isn\'t an easier way of doing this how do I manually combine gigs together so that each instrument is in it\'s own dimension region?

    Any tips or advice would be extremely helpful since I\'m slightly frustrated.

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    Re: Multiple instruments per channel (Dimensions)

    Somebody correct me if I\'m wrong, but I think you can load as many .gigs as your RAM will allow. You\'re not limited to 16, so there\'s no need to combine instruments within .gigs unless you always want to load them together. I routinely load 25 .gigs or so. If you\'ve assigned all the instruments in your .gig files unique program change numbers you should be able to access them through program changes. You can automate loading of frequently used files by saving them as a performance. - Doug Marshall

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