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Topic: Sampletekk Pianos for V-Machine

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    Sampletekk Pianos for V-Machine

    Hi friends! I'm a great fan of Sampletekk piano libraries and recently I've been able to load White Grand Jr. on my SM PRO audio V-machine through Samplelord . I had to upgrade RAM to 1 GB in order to load the whole bank (16 bit format) into RAM. This allowed me to play freely with 44 notes polyphony limit (128 samples latency) and much satisfaction. I've also bought Steiny D Close and TSO but their size exceeds 1GB (also in 16 bit format) so they can't be used with this little thing. I think Worra should consider about making reduced libraries (or patches on current sets) for the use with this thing. I've seen a lot of people in search of a great piano sound to carry around with the machine and I really think Sampletekk is the answer. Worra, what do you say?? I'd pay for a TSO patch.... really great work!

    keep groovin'


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    Re: Sampletekk Pianos for V-Machine

    Actually, I think it would be a better idea if SM Pro Audio got with the program and added disk streaming capability. In the VSTI world, 1G is a serious step backwards. Makes no sense when 100+ GB 2.5" drives are a "spit". But then, I'm still trying to figure out why Roland and Yamaha haven't come out with workstation keyboards that use disk streaming instead of ROM.

    I think you would be better off with one of the "small box" entertainment center computers. At least it would have some capability.


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    Re: Sampletekk Pianos for V-Machine

    Quote Originally Posted by ohernie View Post
    Actually, I think it would be a better idea if SM Pro Audio got with the program and added disk streaming capability.
    V-machine has disk-streaming capability through samplelord... but I/O operations reduce polyphony too much, especially if you use usb sticks to load sounds... I've heard about some improvements using usb hdd, but this compromises the portability...
    I think for live gigs a reduced sample set can work well, you don't need all those details. As regards commercial keyboards, you must consider loading times... WG Jr 16bit takes about 20 seconds to load on the v-machine...
    if you don't use mainly for piano sounds and you often have to change preset, that can't be the solution.

    Another thing, I've found useful to make a mono-WG Jr version (by processing samples)... for live gigs, it's often hard to position the speakers properly and give a good stereo image. The mono version is about 450 MB and loads more quickly.

    With TSO, the mono version can also be loaded (about 750 MB) but Samplelord doesn't translate well release time... I'm working on it.

    I hope to hear suggestions from Worra soon.

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    Re: Sampletekk Pianos for V-Machine

    Just curious, how do usb drives limit portability?

    (I apologize for posting this info again)

    I've been carrying around a mini-tower pc outfitted with a midi connector and 1/4" jacks for about 5 years now. It's got Ivory, Sampletekk pianos, PMI Piano's, Akoustik Piano, TruePianos, VintAudio pianos, ArtVista Virtual Grand, The Piano, KeyRig, Kontakt 2, Colossus, Sampletank XT, Dimension Pro, VI-One, RealStrat, RealGuitar, GPO, Garritan Stradivari, Garritan Jazz & Big Band, Bela D Lyrical Distortion V1 & V2, Bela D Celtic Wind, Amplitude Live and who knows what else I can't remember right now. And yes, the were all legally bought and paid for. (God bless group buys & no-brainer deals!).

    The computer is a basic Athlon XP 2700+ with 2 gigs of RAM and M-audio 2496. I've used outside when it was over 100 degrees and below 20. Pretty much 99.9% up time. I'd say 100% but earlier this year the CMOS backup battery went dead on me. Since this unit isn't normally plugged in that can happen. No special treatment, it sits in the van next to my cord case. I haven't put a handle on it yet, I just pulled the cover from the top drive slot and grab it there.

    VST host is Brainspawn's Forte' and I have Sonar on it in case I want to do some recording. Unit is headless, no lcd, keyboard or mouse. I use Radmin remote desktop, only because I was on 98se when I started the project and Radmin worked better than Microsoft's remote desktop. Boot up time does run into the minutes depending on which piano is my "fave rave" for the moment but once it's done, it's done.

    My point is the the reliability of my system is at least 99.99% of the V-Machine. The size is bigger but could be reduced by getting a newer, smaller box, system. The capability is at least 1000% of the V-Machine.

    I understand that some people may not be comfortable with a PC based unit, nevertheless I want to point out that desktops and laptops are being used by live performers. I see it as a systems problem. You've already exceeded the limitations of the V-Piano, it can only get worse from here.


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    Re: Sampletekk Pianos for V-Machine

    Another thought: Your request reminds me of the "too many notes" line in "Amadeus". I keep thinking the appropriate response from Worra would be: "And what samples would you like me to remove?".

    Seriously, I suspect that as the sampleset was shrunk the sound would digress towards the earlier East-West pianos (good at the time) and you wouldn't be happy with the compromise.


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