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Topic: Question on Sibelius and Ambience

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    Question on Sibelius and Ambience

    Hello all, I have Sibelius 6.1 and the newest version of GPO4 and I was wondering how can I get ambiance to work with the Sibelius environment. I know it needs to be turned on and the send knob manipulated, however, it resets everytime I hit play. Is there a controller I can use, I could not find reference to one in the manual.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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    Re: Question on Sibelius and Ambience

    MIDI Controller #91 generally controls reverb level - But I'm not positive that's what controls Aria's send knobs. If you know how to work with MIDI data in Sibelius, you can try working with that. The default level would be Zero, off.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Question on Sibelius and Ambience

    Have you tried apply Ambience in the Mixer? If you scroll to the bottom of the Mixer, there is a "wheel" you can click, and that should take you to the plug-ins for EQ and Ambience ( you may need to activate these in the Playback Devices - sorry, but I'm not at my Sib-enabled computer). They should save there.

    Sorry for the incomplete answer, but when I get a chance to look at my on version, I'll post back.
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: Question on Sibelius and Ambience

    Hi, Ron - Thanks for posting on the thread.

    Notice in Felhound's post, he's saying that he knows how to use the Send knobs on Aria to set an amount of reverb for each instrument. His problem is that when he hits play back, those knobs are re-set to zero. That means that Sib is sending out controller data which deaults to zero. I think it's controller 91.


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