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Topic: Importing larger scales into Aria Player

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    Importing larger scales into Aria Player

    I have been wanting to use large scala scales (divisions of the octave into 22 or more tones) in Aria but the problem is that tone quality of the higher and lower registers becomes very poor when I do so.
    Does anyone know how this might be remedied by producing some sort of mapping or something of that sort?
    (One nice thing would be if individual scales could be assigned to individual instruments).

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    Re: Importing larger scales into Aria Player

    Hi, Xenakis - Interesting, what you're doing with the "exotic" scales.

    My guess as to why the upper and lower registers aren't sounding adequate when you use a 22+ tone scale, is that the samples are being stretched beyond what the programmers intended. You probably know that when a sampled note is programmed to shift up or down beyond its original pitch, it starts sounding unnatural.

    Marce is one of the Forum members here who is very adept at editing SFZ scripting. I think he and others could probably help you re-write the scripts for some instruments so they sound better with your stretched scale - or at least you could be shown how to experiment with all of that. I would offer more help, but I don't do that sort of thing at all - I wouldn't know what to tell you.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Importing larger scales into Aria Player

    Thanks rbowser,
    Yeah, I have been wanting to compose using 13-limit harmony (maybe leaving out prime-11, as it is a little unyieldly).
    I am sure you are right about the reason for the poor sound quality. I think what happens is that the scala maps onto the sampled instrument in a linear way rather than mapping each note to the sample with the closest pitch.
    Maybe I'll ask Marce if he knows of any workaround.

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