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Topic: Stylus -Cant Open user library

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    Stylus -Cant Open user library

    Strange problem were with Stylus. If I load it into a clean Cubase template I can access all libraries -no problem. If I load it into a song that already has other vst's the user library won't open. I try clicking on the window and it lets me select User Library for about 1 sec then switches away. The song in question has N.I. Maschine ,Trilian and Kontakt.

    Anyone have any experience with this or insights


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    Re: Stylus -Cant Open user library

    I can't open the user library at all in Stylus. I used the Sage utility to import some rex files, have the library structure set like the manual says but now nothing. Try clicking on "user Library" and it won't go ;the selection box just jumps to the next item.

    Any ideas??

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    Re: Stylus -Cant Open user library

    Found It! Needed to turn "settings" off in browser

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    Re: Stylus -Cant Open user library

    This is in the FAQs (be sure to look there first when you have any questions):

    - Glenn
    Glenn O

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    Re: Stylus -Cant Open user library

    Thanks for the reply Glenn. I'd looked at the Faq's. For Settings it says

    What does the Settings button in the browser do?
    The Settings button determines if parameters are to be reset to default settings whenever you select an element in the browser. If it is on, the parameter settings will be reset whenever you make a selection. If it is off, the parameter settings will be retained.

    Would you really expect me to figure out the probelm based on this? With Settings on I could select every other library except User Library I read this and gave it no thought. Better to add a FAQ saying "User Library can't be Selected if Settings Button On". Also glad I didn't read the User Library Faq at end or I would have gone a more difficult route.

    Really the thing with Stylus is that its so well made and easy to use that I never expect to have to think twice about using basic features.

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    Re: Stylus -Cant Open user library

    Not that one. See the FAQ that matches your question. Turning off Settings is just masking your problem. Your problem is covered in the FAQ about selecting User Libraries. And, there is no FAQ saying Settings is incompatible with User Libraries because it is not normal that the Settings button prevents selection of User Libraries. But, if you still can't get it to work, be sure to contact tech support.

    - Glenn
    Glenn O

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