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Topic: tap tempo

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    Lightbulb tap tempo

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    hey guys

    any body has tried this ...... ??????????????

    there is live performance happening and along with that u want to play
    a loop and sync tht loop to the live orchestra (loop follows the musician)
    with tap tempo or bpm changing while u trigger it thru midi with manual tapping

    i have been working onto it but no success yet

    if anyone has done it or know any software tht could help me out
    plzzzzzz do let me know

    if any video reagarding this will be of great help

    thnx in advance

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    Re: tap tempo

    There is a software called Tap Tempo but it does not what you need I am afraid.

    My guess is you would be best off to do it like a good DJ does, with a DJ software and a hardware controller. I use Native Instruments Traktor but there are several good DJ softwares out there.
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