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Topic: Dvorak: "New World", Largo (2nd movement)

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    Dvorak: "New World", Largo (2nd movement)

    Ok, the file has already been online for a week, but I waited, following the rules of this forum, so as not to have more than one topic on page 1 of the listening room.

    Last week I reworked a MIDI file which I created 15 years ago - one of my very first sequences I had created. Found several errors; took me 13 hours to get the first version in GPO4 running. And posted next day a revision.

    I am talking about Antonin Dvorak's Largo (2nd movement) from his Symphony No.9, "From the New World".


    Listen to the newest version on that page.


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    Re: Dvorak: "New World", Largo (2nd movement)

    Hey there, thanks for sharing!

    This sounds like it was certainly a massive undertaking. The volume swells and diminuendos are just spot on, and the balance between the instruments are as well. Though reverb is always different in the...er, ear of the beholder, I feel you got it just right.

    The only thing I felt this piece needs is some fluctuation in tempo. For such a dramatic/romantic piece, this would certainly benefit from some Allargandos and other dramatic extensions to really emphasize the grandeur of the piece as a whole.

    Anyways, very great choice, and I'm glad you decided to revisit this one! Thanks for posting!
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    Thumbs up Re: Dvorak: "New World", Largo (2nd movement)

    This was beautifully done. Thank you!

    I can agree that some tempo variations may be an improvement but those are up to the conductor's discretion.

    There were a few balance issues for me but I'm not going to quibble since I didn't listen to it with a score in front of me to be able to point out those spots.

    On the whole, I have enjoyed all the works you have shared with us.

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    Re: Dvorak: "New World", Largo (2nd movement)

    Very,very lovely! Such delicate handling of the strings, how distinguished you made the oboe sound, all of it delightful and in perfect taste!
    You did a wonderful job!!
    Thank you for continuing to share your work, it is very enjoyable.

    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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    Re: Dvorak: "New World", Largo (2nd movement)

    Thank you all for your positive comments!

    Ok, I will consider the tempo at the next revision and will make it more fluent, less strict. There is also one passage near the big crescendo which does not sound right: all woodwinds have there ff the same staccatto 16th to play - and it sounds like a machine gun. I have probably to reduce their volume, add some variation, maybe introduce some slight time shift between them.

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    Re: Dvorak: "New World", Largo (2nd movement)

    All I can add is "Fantastic!" This is one of my favorite works, and I think you're on the road to truely doing it justice. I can't wait to hear the other two movements.

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    Re: Dvorak: "New World", Largo (2nd movement)

    Thanks, Rob! This will take a while until the other three movements of this symphony will be completed.

    I plan to play this rendition of the 2nd movement at the funeral of my grandmother, who died this past Sunday - it was her all-time favorite music.


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