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Topic: Trillian and kaoss pad ?

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    Trillian and kaoss pad ?

    It's possible to use a kaoss pad 3 with Trillian in Logic ?
    Thanks for your help !

    MacPro with leopard 10.6.3
    Logic Pro 64 bits yéééé !!
    Spectrasonics 1.3
    Apogee ensemble

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    Re: Trillian and kaoss pad ?

    What do you want to do with it?

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    Re: Trillian and kaoss pad ?

    hello !
    i want to use Trillian and the effect of the kpt and record to logic

    Trillian > KPT > LOGIC Record

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    Re: Trillian and kaoss pad ?

    it's ok now
    i put the kp3 in 3-4 of the apogee ensemble, and the trillian not in stereo out but in 3-4 and the kp3 stereo out in the track of logic

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    Re: Trillian and kaoss pad ?


    Sorry...but I just read your PM...and now found out you figured it out!

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