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Topic: Omnisphere Server: How much RAM?

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    Omnisphere Server: How much RAM?


    I am trying to wrap my head around the new memory tools in Omnishpere/Trillian. I am doing a project where I keep getting memory crashes, but the activity monitor isn't showing my RAM anywhere near full.

    Posted below are screenshots of what I have loaded in 1 instance of Trilogy and 1 instance of Omnishpere.

    I was under the impression that the memory server would allow us to take full advantage of the RAM in our macs even in a 32bit host such as Digital Performer.

    Do I have something set up wrong?

    Activity Monitor

    Omnishpere settings

    Omnishpere Multi

    Trillian Multi

    System Specs:
    2009 Mac Pro 2.93Ghz Dual
    12GB RAM
    Digital Performer 7.12

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    Re: Omnisphere Server: How much RAM?

    That memory value for DP is most likely very close to its limit. (Logic 8 starts to bog down when it gets that high.) Do you have other plug-ins going on besides one Omnisphere and one Trillian in that example? I'd be very surprised if you didn't!


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    Re: Omnisphere Server: How much RAM?


    I beta-test for Spectrasonics. I'm a DP7.12 user along with Snow Leopard, and an 8core MAc Pro (older than yours).

    I was curious so I loaded up the Omni patches and the Trilian Multi you pictured. My Activity Monitor for DP is showing half the RAM that yours does (1.12 Real Mem, 1.06 Virtual, and 61 threads). And my Spectrasonics Seerver is showing more memory than yours (900MB). Do you have a massive session going with a ton of other stuff inside DP? With the number of threads you're showing and the RAM count, it looks like you're pushing DP's memory pretty hard.

    When I have my massive orchestral template up and I'm beating the heck out it, it looks like that too. I know I have DP troubles when it gets that far out.

    My guess is that you're running DP pretty close to it's memory limits.

    Something I do when I'm slamming DP's memory too hard I use Bidule to host some VIs to free up memory in DP. I ReWire the audio back into DP. Works very well.

    Guess we need a 64 bit DP, huh?


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    Re: Omnisphere Server: How much RAM?

    Watching this can help you a lot:

    New "Memory Management" tutorial video for Omnisphere and Trilian users posted: http://bit.ly/9apT5j

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    Re: Omnisphere Server: How much RAM?

    Thanks for the replies guys. And thanks spectrasonics for such amazing instruments and service.
    The videos are great though the video you pointed me to, Eric, deals primarily with the RAM management tools in Omnishpere. These are wonderful to be sure, but I've been more concerned with figuring out what's happening in my system so i don't HAVE to spend the extra time managing the RAM since I have 12GB currently and could add more if I ever get close to using that much (which I haven't been able to yet).

    I've been trying a bunch of different setups and watching RAM usage as well as noting when DP starts to have problems. Here's what I've found so far that may aid others.

    -DP on my system is only able to handle about 2.5GB of real memory displayed in the Activity Monitor before it starts having problems.

    -The Spectrasonics server CAN access any available RAM in your computer as advertised. What I didn't realize is that even with the memory server enabled, each INSTANCE of Omnisphere swallows about 250MB of DP's 2.3GB limit and then up to another 200MB depending on how full you load the multi. (This is in addition to the outside RAM it's loading into the server).
    This can eat up DP's RAM space quickly especially if using other VI's but obviously it's much better than if you were loading those patches without the memory server.

    -When streaming mode is set to 'Server', the readout in the Omnisphere system tab which displays Memory available is displaying how much memory is left in DP's allotted memory space NOT how much memory is left on your computer for the Server to access (I originally had thought it was the other way around)

    My findings have also pointed me to believe that there are some under-the-hood issues running the Kontakt memory server and the Omnisphere memory server at the same time, though I haven't got anything conclusive yet.

    I'll post back when I have more.

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