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Topic: Sample meter Omnisphere 1.3

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    Memory meter Omnisphere 1.3 ?

    When I load a patch in Omnisphere or Trilian the memory meter that shows the size od the patch is greyed out so I cannot see the size of the sample. I have streaming mode enabled...Anyone know why that happens?

    W7,64bit,Q9550,4 gigs ram,Sonar 8.5.1,
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    Re: Sample meter Omnisphere 1.3

    The memory usage meters show memory usage as a fraction of the total virtual memory available. On a 32-bit computer, the total memory is in the range of 3GB to 4GB, and many patches will show up on the meter.

    However, when running Omnisphere (or Trilian) in 64 bit mode (on Windows or Mac) the total virtual memory available is much, much larger, so most patches show up as less than 1/2% on the meter, which is virtually invisible.

    The numerical value of the memory usage can always be seen in the "Lite Version" zoom window, or the System window.

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    Re: Sample meter Omnisphere 1.3

    Yeah, I do see a small peice of the meter showing, just about what you said.

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