I am continuing to have problems with CC#12 showing up in my files. This issue adds breath noise to my JABB voices, making all of the wind instruments sound very fuzzy. I have used the MIDI tool, selected the entire piece, and 'cleared' the data, or so I thought. When I press play, the parameters within the Kontackt player all instantly return to about 63 (out of 127), and my fuzzy voices re-appear. I have also added an 'invisible' expression zeroing CC#12, but even though my settings are supposed to 'chase from the beginning of the piece', CC#12 is present. If I invoke the MIDI tool, highlight a section of the piece and double-click on that segment, it doen not show any continuous data.

What is even more frustrating is when I start a new arrangement no CC#12 is present, but after working on the file for a period of days (or weeks), it suddenly appears with no continous data entry on my part.

I have struggling with this issue for over a year now, and I'm no closer to finding the source of this problem than when it first appeared.

Does anyone have a thought on how this continuous data might gets into my files, and what might be putting it there?

Thanks everyone!