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Topic: Orchestral Strings 2 - Still on the horizon?

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    Orchestral Strings 2 - Still on the horizon?


    I seem to recall a press release some months or even years ago, announcing GOS 2. I just was wondering if GOS 2 is a relatively imminent reality, or has become a more distant possibility.

    Is anyone able to comment at all?

    Many thanks


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    Talking Re: Orchestral Strings 2 - Still on the horizon?

    Can of worms???

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    Re: Orchestral Strings 2 - Still on the horizon?

    It's safe to say the future of the GOS2 project is very unclear. I doubt if anyone here has any info more definite than that. My impression is that Gary wants to re-release it at some point, but there's nothing scheduled in its development that I'm aware of.

    His priority is moving all his current libraries into Aria, and that process is getting near to completion. That means that following in the steps of GPO and JABB, soon you'll have the Aria-ized COMB and the all-new Garritan World library.


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    Re: Orchestral Strings 2 - Still on the horizon?

    I recall Gary addressing the issue of GOS 2 many months ago. He mentioned that with the release of LASS, the planned release of EW's new Hollywood Strings, among others (CS), it was simply not the right time to release yet another new string library. The field was simply far too crowded for yet another new release.

    I would guess that any new strings library is now quite a long ways off.

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    Re: Orchestral Strings 2 - Still on the horizon?

    All clear chaps - many thanks for the responses. No opening of cans of worms intended, just a keen GOS1 user wondering about the evolution of this great product.

    All the best


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    Re: Orchestral Strings 2 - Still on the horizon?


    No, I use the term 'user' in a fairly loose sense - I haven't used it for a few years now, hence the enquiry about GOS2. I always particularly liked the feel and tone of GOS 1 and miss it, even though I now have newer libraries (VSL, LASS and EWQL).

    There was a kind of intimacy and realism to the GOS library that I feel has been a little lost (LASS comes closest IMO) in newer libraries.

    Oh well. I wish Gary luck with his other products and will hope for GOS2 one fine day.


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    Re: Orchestral Strings 2 - Still on the horizon?

    Hi, Jules - Thanks for the reply.

    I was wondering if you're even able to make GOS work anymore, because it's never been clear to me from any post I can remember about GOS if any owner has been able to still use it.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Orchestral Strings 2 - Still on the horizon?

    To be honest, I think the companies time would be better spent doing a different type of library. I think it would be kind of pointless to try and compete with HollyWood strings, as I just can't see a Garritan product sounding like that. (maybe that's just the impression I got from using the somewhat synthy strings in the finale garritan bundle)

    On the other hand, while I don't feel that strings are Garritans strong point, I am a HUGE fan of their woodwinds. Now... if they would just make a orchestral woodwinds complete with hyper realistic sections (while the solo instruments are great, I've always felt the sections sounded a little synthy), I don't think I could resist.

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