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Topic: Bach and Tchaikovsky mockups

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    Bach and Tchaikovsky mockups

    Here are 2 mockups I decided to revise:

    Brandenburg Concerto No 3, 3rd mov by Bach

    Piano Concerto No 1 by Tchaikovsky, (excerpt of 1st mov)

    Thanks for your comments!


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    Re: Bach and Tchaikovsky mockups

    Sounds very nice Guy ! Did you mix with the MIR ?
    At my ears, maybe a little too much reverb in the Tchaikovsky but very nice done.
    Is it always you on the piano ?
    Mathieu Laprise

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    Re: Bach and Tchaikovsky mockups

    Salut Mathieu,


    No MIR, I'm waiting for it to come out with Mac.

    Yup, there was too much rev, but I think it was on the strings, so I cut some off there. Let me know what you think now.

    Thanks for listening!


    ps Yeah, me playing

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    Re: Bach and Tchaikovsky mockups

    Hi Guy,

    Congrats on your performances! The Bach is my favourite Brandenburg. So much work there!
    A question - why so slow when you've got the most technically able 'players'? Its almost a Glenn Gould tempo! ( of course he could also technically do whatever he wanted...)


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    Re: Bach and Tchaikovsky mockups

    Thanks Greg!

    I had heard some slower and faster versions, and some super fast of this mov.
    I went with a speed I liked at the end. Maybe it's because I grew up listening to a version with a similar speed.

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    Re: Bach and Tchaikovsky mockups

    Yeah its funny how the versions you first hear stick so strongly over the years!

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    Re: Bach and Tchaikovsky mockups

    That's so true.

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