Similar products to ProjectSam Orchestral Brass Classic but for strings and woodwinds. i mean contains sounds with wide dynamic range,many perfoming techniques and not pricey (about 300euros per product). no heavy for cpu. ps. i allready have Ik multimedia total workstation 2. In miroslav philharmonik (comes with tw2) there is no round robin,and not quiet side of these instruments and of course louder side also missing but i mainly need quiet side which is commonly almost fully forgotten becouse hollywood music dont need it much i think. and i today like keyswitches. few years ago i hated them but now i like becouse makes actually easier work (because i dont need many tracks for trumpet track for example)...
and computer what i going use is Mac Mini 2.53ghz intel core duo and 4gigabytes ram and 7200rpm external harddrive. VSL stuff is very pricey
and when i need sections and solo sounds comes even more pricey and these are bit dry and maybe strings dont sound best possible to my taste.
ps. for percussion there is stuff form projectsam this reason why i dont talk about this area which also sounds nice.(like their brass product). and even sample lirareis for logic exs24 sample are suitable.