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Topic: 'Enable Host automation' stops working eventually?

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    Omnisphere's 'Enable Host automation' max limit increased already :)

    This is bad. I was just enabling all the available parameters in Omnisphere that can be automated so that I can assign them to a novation SL automap template, but part way through, while still doing the controls for part A, they just stopped getting enabled. The menu choice was still there on a right-click, but it wouldn't do anything.

    Is there a maximum number that can be enabled for automation? It was somewhere in the 120's when it stopped. I didn't even get through all the parameters that I wanted to assign in part A, no lfo's or modulation depths or anything, I just the oscillator and filter section and part of the envelopes.

    This is really bad, I was really looking forward to making an automap template. It can't be that Omnisphere would limit the automatable parameters to around 128 would it? Most synths I own have upwards of 10 automap pages, 128 wouldn't even give me 3. Omnisphere is supposed to be one of the most powerful synths available, but this would be a severe limitation for hardware control.

    Can you anyone shed some light on this?


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    Re: 'Enable Host automation' stops working eventually?

    With the flexible automation system in Omnisphere, it's not necessary to make one grand template with thousands of assignments for every parameter you might possibly automate sometime between now and the end of your life :-). It doesn't do you much good anyway to put the "Part 5 Layer B Granularity Intensity" in the third row on page 23 because you'd never find it :-).

    In my template I just a assign a few dozen parameters that I routinely use and leave a bunch of knobs unassigned. Then, in each project as the need arises to automate a parameter, I just right click on it and it becomes controlled by the next available "wild card" knob. That automatically gets saved in the song of course.

    The 128 number seemed like the most convenient number to choose since a lot of hosts present those in one long menu and it can be cumbersome to have that menu too long. This is the first time I've ever head of anyone considering that to be a limitation, but we can certainly look into raising that number if anyone thinks it's important.

    - Glenn
    Glenn O

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    Smile Re: 'Enable Host automation' stops working eventually?

    Ah, I was afraid of that, but thanks for making it clear.

    The thing is, I like to make automap templates that can completely control a synth for sound design purposes. I spend all day at work using a mouse and it is such a joy to me when I can make sounds completely on my Novation keyboard and Kore controller without hardly touching the mouse, it feels less like I'm using the computer. Omnisphere is generally good about allowing it's parameters to be exposed (although I would be even happier if synth waveform select and a few others like unison octaves could be exposed to the host as well), but the limit of 128 makes it so that I can only map out about half of the controls of a part. By the way I'm only interested in mapping out the full synth of Part 1 otherwise yes it would be far too big. But the sound can be saved and moved to another part so it's fine. Most of my other synthesizers I can literally start a sound from scratch and create something only using hardware and that's a great thing.

    You see it's not about actually being able to automate all of those at once, it's that many hardware control systems such as the remote SL, Kore, or some other Host based hardware mapping systems, rely on parameters being exposed to the host to map them, rather than regular midi, and it generally works better and is more versatile.

    And even a host did have a 128 parameter limit, I don't see why it would be necessary to limit Omnisphere to 128, since the order is freely assignable. Doesn't it make sense to have a higher limit for those hosts or functions that can make use of them? It seems arbitrary to me. Even if that was doubled to 256, it would satisfy me and I can't see any harm from that. And I do know others as well who think this limit is unfortunate. There just doesn't seem to be a need for it, which is the shame.

    If you guys would consider raising that, it would be greatly appreciated by many of us, and also by many who I'd like to share my automap template with once it's done. Many people wouldn't have bothered yet because it's some work to rename all the parameters from the ID number to the actual control, but it means a lot for me to do it and I think people would be very happy with it when I share it (if this parameter limit gets raised that is).

    And while you guys are considering that, can you consider allowing the dsp synth waveform selects to be enabled? (It's great by the way the the sample soundsource scroll can be exposed but the synth waveform should be too). Many synths also expose mod sources and destinations lists in the mod matrices, and that would be great to see in Omni as well.


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    Re: 'Enable Host automation' stops working eventually?

    By the way, do you guys have a feature request thread/forum somewhere or some official feature request protocol?

    Not that there is much I would change at all about Omni mind you, but the increased maximum exposed parameters is a huge one, along with exposing waveform select and a few others things. I'd also be into a single part version that just exposed all it's parameters automatically actually. Many people use Omni as a single part synth, it would cool to have that version too.


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    Re: 'Enable Host automation' stops working eventually?

    We'll add your request to the wishlist.

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    Re: 'Enable Host automation' stops working eventually?

    Fantastic, thanks Eric.

    I'm telling you, there is a massive amount of people who try to stay away from the mouse as much as possible and I would love to supply an automap template which would allow just that. The more exposed parameters the better.


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    Re: 'Enable Host automation' stops working eventually?

    You'll still need to use your mouse. :-)

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    Re: 'Enable Host automation' stops working eventually?

    Quote Originally Posted by spectrum View Post
    You'll still need to use your mouse. :-)
    Only a little.

    I'll show you! Gimme a higher limit on exposed parameters, and allow the few last selectors that can't be enabled to be enabled (like dsp waveform select and mod source/ destinations), and I'll give you a template for novation automap that you'll love! Or as a start, simply a higher parameter limit...

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    Re: 'Enable Host automation' stops working eventually?

    There are many unexposed parameters, not just a few...menu driven ones, etc.

    So it's not a little thing at all. :-)

    We'll see if we can increase the numerical limit though.

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    Re: 'Enable Host automation' stops working eventually?

    Eric is right. If you think you can replicate the Omnisphere GUI on a control surface, I believe you've severely underestimated the depth of Omnisphere :-). Consider all the zoom pages including the envelope editor or the arpeggiator or the browsers or the filter/effect/envelope/etc. presets and you'll quickly see that a few knobs and buttons cannot possibly provide the same rich editing experience.

    A control surface is better suited to control of a few parameters during playback where tactile feedback is important, but I suppose it could be pressed into service as an interface to some key Omnisphere parameters for sound design. But, that's a rather stripped down version of Omnisphere. In other words, there's a good reason nobody has tried this before :-).

    But, not to worry, if you need some more parameters, we'll take care of it.

    - Glenn
    Glenn O

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