(Cubase 5 64 bit on Vista 64 bit.)

I have the Korg Legacy Digital instrument and am having a crazy problem. Both the M1 and Wavestation work perfectly in standalone mode. When I launch Cubase it sees the M1 but not the Wavestation. they are in the exact same forlder. I have tried countless tricks. Moving the .dlls to another folder, adding the path, rescanning, deleting all things Korg on my machine (except the registry) and reinstalling 2 times. Still only the M1 appears! I am at my wits end.

I check the blacklist file and there sits the Wavestation.dll. Delete the black list file, the wavestation is put back in. Delete all of the plugin .xml files and have Cubase rescan, still only the M1. I also am installing as administrator and using the XP compatibility mode.

Why can't steinberg make a button that says "Use this darn plugin or else" and let you browse to that location?

Any help or insight would be much appreciated. (I am waiting for the moderators at Cubase.net to get back to me so that I can post this there as well. Just thought you guys might know what the heck is going on...)

Thanks in advance,