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Topic: GVI installation on new win7 laptop - license issue

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    GVI installation on new win7 laptop - license issue


    After years of running gvi on my old computer, I installed it on my new win7 laptop. When I launch, it says "can't complete without license, please plug in dongle. But the dongle is there, and I see the license in the syncrosoft control center.

    I tried uninstalling/reinstalling. I tried the 3.64 patch. I tried logging into my old tascam account.

    Any guidance?


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    Re: GVI installation on new win7 laptop - license issue

    Same problem, but with new computer using XP. If anyone has ideas, we'd appreciate them.

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    Re: GVI installation on new win7 laptop - license issue

    When you install the GVI on Win7, old 'Syncrosoft control center' will be installed as default and it causes the problem, I think.

    I had the same problem and solved it with following method.

    1. Install the GVI with the Vista installer.
    2. Go to 'Syncrosoft' under 'Programe Files (X86, if your Win7 is 64bit)' and uninstall the LCC.
    3. Delete 'Syncrosoft' directory.
    4. Download the latesst eLCC from www.elicenser.net and install it.
    5. Update GVI with 3.64 patch.

    Good Luck!

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    Re: GVI installation on new win7 laptop - license issue

    I just installed GVI on Win7 64bit successfully. This is how I did:

    1. plug in the dongle
    2. Put in the GVI install CD, it will install the Syncrosoft License control
    3. Go to http://www.elicenser.net/en/download_archives.html, download the and install it.
    4. Apply the GVI 3.64 patch

    Then I was able to open it. Don't use the latest Syncrosoft version 6. The driver is not quite compatible with GVI. GVI cannot find the plug in license.

    Good luck.

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    Re: GVI installation on new win7 laptop - license issue

    Thanks all for the advice. Seem like good ideas and some apparent progress but not yet successful. Here's what I did.

    First tried esz1080's advice, was unsuccessful.

    Then tried LealMusic's advice, and made some progress as follows

    - uninstalled GVI and Syncrosoft, deleted Syncrosoft directory, rebooted
    - installed GVI from discs
    - installed eLCC, launched, verified licenses
    - updated GVI with 3.64
    - launched GVI, and yelled "Success!"

    But GVI put me in the first time configuration Window. Since my MOTU Ultralite wasn't turned on. I cancelled out of the program and turned on the MOTU. Then I tried to launch GVI and got the "no license detected, insert dongle" error sequence.

    So I uninstalled everything, rebooted, and tried it all again, this time with the MOTU interface on. Rebooted a few times between steps just for luck.

    Finally, launched GVI, correctly configured the first time setup window to work with the MU, and closed GVI. Seemed fine.

    Rebooted for final test. And when I tried to launch GVI, I got the "no license detected, insert dongle" error sequence.

    A little frustrating. But I'm much better now at navigating Win 7.

    Any insight?


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    Re: GVI installation on new win7 laptop - license issue

    OK, my GVI is up and running (with the help of my IT friend).

    It turned out that the solution is posted in another thread in this forum "GVI/GS4 on Windows 7", as below. Basically, you have to install from the GVI disks, then install latest eLCC, then make a registry edit. One key point - the registry text is case sensitive, so you have to type it exactly as it appears below.

    Another issue remains though. I have 2 dongles, one for GVI one for Cubase. If each dongle is on a separate USB port on the laptop, only one is recognized on boot up, the other has to be pulled out and reinserted. When both are on a hub to the same port, they are both recognized on boot up. Since that's the way I use it anyway, it's not a problem, just strange.

    Good Luck!

    In case this helps someone, I ran into this same issue and fixed it without reinstalling.

    The reason the syncrosoft driver issue appeared for you is because the registry key the driver is stored in changes with 64-bit windows, especially windows 7.

    The registry location GVI apps look in for the syncrosoft info (specifically the list of plugged-in license dongles) is:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\servic es\SynasUSB\Enum

    Once the Syncrosoft driver is upgraded to a 64-bit windows 7 version this location changes to:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\servic es\synusb64\Enum

    Of course GVI and other VI's that use GVI don't know that the location has changed. If you manually recreate the same registry values found in the new location in the location that GVI apps look for them, it will make the GVI apps work.

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