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Topic: OMNISPHERE - New VIP Library available now

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    OMNISPHERE - New VIP Library available now

    New VIP Library for Omnisphere available now: http://bit.ly/aEhc0E

    The VIP Library is a brand new library of amazing new patches and multis we are really excited about. These are an exclusive special bonus for our customers that own both Omnisphere and Trilian.

    The VIP sounds were created by the renown Spectrasonics Sound Development Team utilizing some interesting possibilities with the two instruments together to take Omnisphere to a whole new sonic place.

    It's free to registered users....Enjoy! :-)

    Here's a list of some of the crazy stuff we came up with:

    Omnisphere VIP Library 1.3 Patches:

    Acousti-Chord Magic
    Acousti-Chord Shimmer
    Acousti-Chord Simple
    Alarming Trends 1
    Alarming Trends 2
    Aleatoric Surrealism
    Anticipating the Moment
    ARP 2600 Club Polysynth
    ARP Narrow Pulse Lead
    Azzblastin’ Bass
    Azzblastin’ Bass 16ths
    Bee Stinger
    Bit of the Nasties
    Blip Slapped
    Bristol Patrol
    Chapman’s Grain Clouds
    Chapman’s Synth Bass
    Chill Out Sine Chord
    Cinematic Prophet Noise Swell
    Cluster Plucker
    Contemplation Stick Pad
    Creepers in the Darkness
    Crush Up the Retro Bass
    Crushing the Azzblazter 1
    Crushing the Azzblazter 2
    Crushing the Azzblazter 3
    Cylon Dance Party
    Deep in the Asian Underground
    Deep Metasonix Pulse
    Deep Trilogy Thumps Menu
    Deranged Inversion
    Deranged Wingnut
    Dipstick Rising
    Distorted Evolution Drone
    Dividing Modes
    Double Bass Bowing Hybrid
    Dreaded Upright Harmonicswell
    Dream Stick Piano 1
    Dream Stick Piano 2
    Electro Brick House
    Electrogirl Push
    Emmett’s Grain Spiders
    Escape the Overcode
    Extrusion Fusion
    Fire in the Hole
    Fire up the Hook
    Freak Beat 1
    Freak Beat 2
    Freak Beat 3
    Glitching Retro 60’s Texture
    Glitching Stick Thumps
    Grahamstown Rhythm Maker
    Granular Bass Feedback
    Grouped in Threes
    Happy Transformation
    Hitting the Acoustic Bass
    Hohner’s Illegitimate Lovechild
    House of Pain
    Hybrid Bass Energy
    Hybridized Mute Stick
    I think my cable might be bad
    Illuminetic Bender
    Illuminetic Crusher
    Insects in the Double Bass 1
    Insects in the Double Bass 2
    Integration Station 1
    Integration Station 2
    Jangly 12-String Clav
    Key Strummer Brite
    Key Strummer Mando
    Key Strummer Soft Swing
    Key Strummer Wah
    Knockin’ Rhodes
    Living in Germania 1
    Living in Germania 2
    Living in Germania 3
    M-Theory Chimonics 1
    M-Theory Chimonics 2
    Magma Stick Lounge 1
    Magma Stick Lounge 2
    Majestic Waves of Greece
    Malignant Bass in Three 1
    Malignant Bass in Three 2
    Mass Hysteria
    Mongrel Bass Big
    Mongrel Bass Echo
    Mongrel Bass Reso
    Mongrel Bass Waveshaper
    Mournful Eighties Child
    MS-20 Meets Moog Modular
    Murderous Rage 1
    Murderous Rage 2
    Murderous Rage 3
    Nasty Staccato Ringer Bass
    Octoharp Plucker 1
    Octoharp Plucker 2
    Octoharp Plucker 3
    One Hundred Rising Waves
    Orchestrion Mini
    Organic Juno Stick
    Organic Macrobeat Machine
    Organic Microbeat Machine
    Orpheus plays his Vihuela
    Partying in Berlin
    Picking the Harmonic Belltones
    Pizz Harmonic Pipes
    Plecotar Anxiety
    Plucking the Bowed Harp
    Power Lines
    Prism Harmonic Fifth Jangles
    Prism Harmonic Overtones
    Psychoacoustic Upright
    Redbull Bass Driver
    Resonant Chill
    Resonant Ringstick
    Reversed Vacuum Tubes
    Ring Cliquer Bass
    Ringing the Mutes
    Roadies Killed my Organ
    Roasting the Release Noises
    Root Canal
    Rude Electro
    Rude Klang
    Running Crushed Squares
    Scorched Uni Square
    Shades of Evil 1
    Shades of Evil 2
    Shades of Evil Bass
    Sick Stick Puncher
    Staccato Disintegration Bass
    Stick on a Bed of Chaotic Vibes
    Stirring the Aliens
    Street Beat Click Machine
    Strumming Harmonics Drive
    Titanium Rubber Band
    Trapped in a Giant Cage
    Triangles in the Mist
    Twelve String Harpsichord
    Upright Elastitar
    Vacuum Tube Pad
    Vibrocheez on a Hook
    Vicious Hardcore
    Wasp 101 Squares
    Waveshaping Trilogy
    Web of Darkness
    Whistling Waldorf
    Wooden Bowels

    Omnisphere VIP Library 1.3 Multis:

    Aerophonic Fretless Split
    Alternate Dimension Trem-O-Lux
    Bleeding Edge
    Dangerous Stalker
    Dressed 4 the Club
    Energy Booster
    Eternal Eclipse
    Immersed in the Darkness
    Integrated Dance 1
    Integrated Dance 2
    Live Edge
    Lunar Trio Stack
    Ol’ School Split - 97 BPM
    Pat’s Orchestrion 1
    Pat’s Orchestrion 2
    Quirky Minimalism
    Reggae Wah split
    Rhythm Connections
    Simple Funk Split
    Spooky Scoring in the 50’s
    Spooky Scoring in the 50’s +
    Sub Noise Hash Groove Split - 133 BPM
    Submerged in the Darkness
    Sweetness Duo Split
    Taurus, Strings, Lead
    TB-303 Dance
    The Time Has Come
    The Time Has Come +
    Trance Masters -133 BPM
    Two Jazz Guys in a Room
    Vital Warnings
    Winding Down

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    Cool Re: OMNISPHERE - New VIP Library available now

    Hello spectrum,

    How are you ? Fine I hope.

    Thank You Very Much ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    One Love.

    God Bless.

    Learning For A Lifetime. ;-|

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    Re: OMNISPHERE - New VIP Library available now


    I´m already enjoying.

    VIP - excellent !!!


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    Re: OMNISPHERE - New VIP Library available now

    Wooooooaaaah!!! Tanx Eric n Spectrasonics!!!

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