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NemeSys Ships Gigastudio
Revolutionary Sampling Workstation Has Numerous Industry Firsts.

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May 19, 2000 -- NemeSys Music Technology, Inc. announced today that it’s brand new GigaStudio™ line of professional sampling workstations is now shipping in full production quantities.

Already in use at major film and television music production facilities, GigaStudio 160 marks several fundamental improvements to music authoring. By virtue of its patented technology, GigaStudio boasts the largest sampling capacity of any commercially available sampler, limited only by hard disk space. For polyphony, GigaStudio 160 has the highest polyphony of any professional class sampler, and all 160 of its voices can be streamed from the hard drive in real time. For speed and advanced orchestration power, GigaStudio 160 boasts 64 MIDI channels, the highest of commercial samplers. For integration, GigaStudio includes the world’s first zero-latency software effects processing that rivals the finest hardware effects, instant networking and network streaming with accessibility to huge sampling databases of virtually unlimited size, zero-latency 32-bit digital mixing with automation, and advanced database driven /SFX scoring tools.

\"No other hardware or software sampler can even come close to GigaStudio’s all inclusive capabilities,\" said Danny Lux, composer for Ally McBeal, Ally, Profiler, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. \"When you compare the cost / performance ratio of all the systems that are currently available, the GigaStudio is the only choice that makes sense. Fantastic sounding FX, more MIDI channels than any other system, more polyphony, incredible database, auditioning of sounds faster than any other system... just to name a few.\"

Designed from the ground up to facilitate advanced integration and creative efficiency, the new GigaStudio framework completely abandons the \"hardware rack emulation\" environment of previous generation software. \"Professional composers have been in desperate need of an environment which obliterates the tedious interfaces of the hardware generation, yet provides hardware level advantages in playability, sound quality and stability.\" said Joe Bibbo, Chief Technical Officer, NemeSys Music Technology, Inc. \"This ‘best-of-both-worlds’ criteria presented what some may consider to be an impossible challenge. I’m very proud that our design team has delivered on that promise\".

Top composers are being inspired by GigaStudio’s musicality, speed and advanced user interface. \"GigaStudio is completely changing the way I make music with samplers.\", emphasized Christophe Beck, Emmy award winning composer for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. \"It is a truly professional product with more power than five whole racks of hardware samplers. It is a godsend.\"

Based on patented technology coupled with the industry’s only kernel mode audio interface, GSIF, each audio event can utilize up to 4.3 GB of capacity without consuming the typical RAM memory footprints of hardware based samplers. Samples are streamed instantaneously – in real-time – from the hard-drive instead of being loaded into a finite amount of system RAM. Full articulation and performance characteristics of acoustic events can be preserved, with sizes exceeding one gigabyte, as in the popular GigaPiano.

Extensive sound libraries can be instantly cataloged and accessed with GigaStudio’s QuickSound™ database-assisted navigator. QuickSound makes searching vast amounts of sound and sample data a simple process, allowing commonly accessed search criteria to be saved for future use. Entire catalogs of sound effects, instrument and music libraries can be navigated instantaneously. Soundtrack scoring for broadcast, foley and film production has been accelerated dramatically with the associated Distributed Wave management tool for interactive auditioning, collection and playback integration.

GigaStudio introduces the industry’s first zero latency virtual DSP accelerator, DSP Station™ hosting the NFX series of MIDI controllable, real-time signal processing tools. Featuring a powerful array of world-class effects including NFX1 Reverb/Multi-effects, NFX2 Chorus/Flanging, and NFX3 Multi-Tap Delay/AutoPan – NFX performs sonic miracles with roughly half the processor overhead of comparable products due to it’s virtual DSP acceleration technology.

The huge selection of native GigaSampler™ soundware from leading developers such as Best Service, Miroslav Vitous, Q Up Arts, Sampleheads, Big Fish Audio and Zero-G is fully compatible with GigaStudio. Integrated conversion utilities provide access to an even wider range of formats including direct audio CD ripping, Akai S1000/S3000, E-Mu SoundFont, DLS and Microsoft WAVE. Additional sampler formats will be supported through third-party tools.

NemeSys’s state-of-the-art GSIF audio driver architecture allows for truly real-time MIDI response latencies in the 3-8 millisecond range, enabling uncompromising live playability, zero latency mixing and effects, and total sequencer integration via multi-client operation. In GigaStudio, GSIF enables 32 channels of 32-bit mixing, 8 stereo aux busses, and up to 32 individually assignable mixer output busses. Popular GSIF-enabled sound cards offer GigaSampler™ and GigaStudio™ users uncompromising robustness and playability available nowhere else. The complete list of GSIF sound cards can be found at

GigaStudio 160 / [GigaStudio 96] Features:

Patented, hard disk based sampling technology
Advanced, integrated workstation environment
Up to 160 voice polyphony (all voices can be streamed from hard disk) / [96 voice polyphony in GigaStudio 96]
64 MIDI channels / [32 MIDI channels in GigaStudio 96]
Support for 24-bit/96kHz hardware
NFX professional quality, zero latency, automatable effects: NFX 1 Reverb/Multi, NFX 2 Chorus/Flanger (GigaStudio 160 only), NFX 3 Multi Tap/Auto Pan (GigaStudio 160 only). NFX 4 EQ free download upon web registration
QuickSound sound and sample database with networking support
DSP Station 32 input channel, 32 bit Mixing Console with 8 stereo Aux busses, level, pan, inserts, up to 32 output busses and automation
Virtual MIDI control surface
Distributed Wave foley/Sound FX design tool with database support
Advanced synthesis engine with multi-mode resonant filters, turbo resonance LPF, external Q resonance, Amplitude/filter/pitch LFO\'s with synch and external control
GSIF, DirectSound compatible
Formats: (.GIG, S1000/3000, .sf2, .dls) and integrated Audio CD ripper
Network streaming capability, samples play through LAN with no impact on latency
Accelerated loading (up to five times faster than GigaSampler)
Includes GigaPiano 1GB sampled piano and RetroDrums vintage drum libraries
GigaStudio 160 ($699 MSRP US), GigaStudio 96 ($399 MSRP US), a limited time special cross-product upgrade exists for GigaSampler customers ($149 upgrade).

For more information, visit their web site at

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