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Topic: OS/DP Update: A House Of Cards?

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    OS/DP Update: A House Of Cards?

    So, having seen the new Favorites and Projects video, I'm all in a lather because I don't have the specs to run the latest update of Omnisphere! I'm still on OS X 10.4.11 and DP 5.12 but everything is running very nicely and I don't have time for a big troubleshooting panic if some new piece of the picture doesn't play nice. If I upgrade to Snow Leopard, and then DP 7, is that the end of it, or will Kontakt and other things get squirrelly too? Just to clarify, here's my rig:

    2 x 2.66 Dual-Core Intel Xeon mac Pro
    10 GB 667 MHz DDR2 F8-DIMM
    2 additional internal 200GB drives and one additional 500GB drive

    OS X 10.4.11

    Running DP 5.12 as my main DAW, and relying on:

    Kontakt 2, Guitar Rig 2, B4, Elektrik and Akoustic Piano from Komplete 4

    Omnisphere, & Stylus RMX 1.7 (of course!)

    East/West Platinum Expanded Something-or-Other, but I find it much better to run it in Kontakt than to use the Play engine - sloooow! and makes my rig unhappy.

    So basically, I'd like to update my OS, but that seems like it could start an avalanche in a system that's running nicely right now. I mostly just want to update Omnisphere, and possibly Kontakt and Guitar Rig, but

    • If I update the OS, I think I need to update DP as well - is that so?

    • If I update DP, will I *have* to update NI stuff like Kontakt and Guitar Rig? and if so, will discontinued legacy instruments like B4 stop working?

    Thanks to anyone who might have a moment to address this - I know the DP thing makes it a somewhat obscure question in the first place.

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    Re: OS/DP Update: A House Of Cards?


    First of all, Google is your friend. That means you have to do your homework. Then if you go about it methodically you'll not likely have much trouble and be covered if you do.

    To start, Google 'Mac OS 10.6.3 and DP7'. You'll immediately see any posts relating to issues between DP and OS. Read through them and see if there are enough posts of the same problems to warrant concern. Most of the time the problem will not be DP. I used it for years and it is historically extremely stable.

    Remember that most posts are from people with problems. People without problems will not likely post as much just to say it's working fine so you have to use your judgement about about what you read.

    Basically I 'think' you'll be fine with 10.6.3 and DP7, and for sure Spectrasonics. I can't speak for the rest so you'll have to google/research those, including drivers and any controller devices.

    If it were me, I would update everything to the latest versions if you can. You'll likely have a better experience in the end. So, check out compatibility issues with everything you're using. Once you decide it's a go, then basically follow this procedure:


    I use Disk Utilities to repair permissions, Disk Warrior to get the rest of any problems, and Carbon Copy Cloner to make a bootable backup for these types of updates. I do the Combo update. Once you're done, back up your new system to Time Machine. You're good to go. I use Time Machine to back up to an external Lacie drive once a week or so.

    It's worth it to update. I allow a few days for the whole process.

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    Re: OS/DP Update: A House Of Cards?

    This is great. Thanks so much for such a detailed response to my post. Having some sort of game plan for proceeding through the update process will really helpful as I go do the rest of my, ah, "homework."

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    Re: OS/DP Update: A House Of Cards?

    you're welcome.

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    Re: OS/DP Update: A House Of Cards?

    You can always put 10.6.3 on another drive (fresh drive with the updates you require) and keep your Tiger rig intact if you need that. Just a thought.

    I have one internal still with Tiger and one with Leopard, and they work perfectly. I didn't even need to install most apps on the Leopard drive (unless they are Leopard-only); I just run them from the Tiger drive, while booted in Leopard. I've been told it's often better on the computer that way. Certainly faster, I've seen, and you have the benefits of Leopard. (Apps that require major install processes though needed to be installed on the Leopard drive though so that all their "parts" are present; but the ones that are drag to install run very fast when launched from the other drive since they don't have stuff scattered about that is needed by the OS. You would install Omnisphere plugin on the Leopard drive)

    Anyway, that might work well for you; giving you the best of both worlds, and retain the security you have with your current stable system. For me, stability is most important, and I too often have messed up a good thing by continuing to install, so I can understand your concern.

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    Re: OS/DP Update: A House Of Cards?


    (I'm a beta tester for Spectrasonics.)

    I was in a similar boat as you----10.4.11/DP5.13/8core Mac Pro. Tiger has gotten quite long in the tooth. There is SO much stuff coming out now that is 10.5 minimum. I couldn't even test the latest plugins for Spectra because I was on Tiger.......so I had to do something, even though I was comfy in Tiger.

    Here's what I did. Buy an external hard drive that can boot your computer, like a G-Tech with Firewire 800 or something similar---some external drives can't boot a computer for various reasons, so make sure that this drive can boot the computer. Use a backup/clone utility like SuperDuper! to clone your OS drive to the external drive. (yes, this all costs money but if you depend on all this stuff and make a living with it, it is a justifiable expense.) Carefully go through all your apps and note them all because a lot/most of them are going to need an update for Snow Leopard.

    Boot from the external drive and re-authorize whatever you need to, to make sure everything is working. A lot of my stuff is on ilok which comes in handy for situations like this. On the external drive, do the upgrade DIRECTLY to Snow Leopard from Tiger. You do NOT need to install Leopard first.

    Once Snow Leopard is installed, start updating all the audio apps/audio hardware drivers/midi drivers/VI's/plugins to the latest Snow Leopard versions. I would suggest getting and installing DP 7.12. (Do not install DP6. That was a nightmare version of DP.) DP7 has some pretty cool features like Realtime fades, take comping and Auto Save that are quite nice.

    When all the audio stuff is working for you, I would update the rest of your apps to Snow Leopard versions. Then play with it for a week. Put it through it's paces. Hammer on it.

    Once you're comfortable that it's stable, then I would suggest pulling the 10.4.11 drive and storing it as a safety that you can go back to if you need something in the future. Then buy a new internal drive and use SuperDuper! to clone the external drive onto the new internal. You might need to do a few re-authorizations again (for sure DP). And then you should be good to go.

    I actually had very few problems upgrading to Snow Leopard. By the time I did it in December, there were specific Snow Leopard versions of just about everything I had. You should be in even better shape than me in that regard.

    Once you're sure that the new internal drive is good to go, you can use the external as a Time Machine backup drive. Time Machine is very cool. My Time Machine drive is in an eSata case. It never interferes with my music work.

    Anyway, this is the safest, most reliable and least risky way to upgrade a mission critical computer. The nice part about doing it this way is that if you have limited time, and can't do this all at once, you still have your internal Tiger drive to keep working with. But just be careful that the more you continue to do with the Tiger drive once you've cloned it to the external drive, the more they'll have differing information, so you'll want to get the Snow Leopard drive up and running quickly so that you don't continue your life on the Tiger drive which makes it harder to switch and keep everything intact.

    Good luck.

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