I've just starting using GPO with Sonar, (coming off of using some older hardware synths). The one thing I'm finding difficult is setting up a full orchestral template with several GPO instances. In the old days, my flutes would all get routed to the same midi channel; likewise with oboes, down to horns, etc...

Am I correct in thinking now that every midi track should have a separate midi channel routed to a an instance of GPO, and that I should not try to route Flutes 1 and 1 to the same instance in GPO(causing phase problems)? Going this way I would assume I'd have close to 60 midi tracks, but this is probably the most effective and getting realism out of GPO?

Can anyone send me an example of a Sonar template or .cwp file just so I can see how their GPO workflow is configured, and midi tracks are assigned to GPO instances? I know everyone's workflow can be different, and some might not even like loading up a full orchestral template, but I think this can help me a great deal.

I've searched the forums and have seen some great posts like the one below.

But it would help seeing the layouts from the above thread in Sonar itself.
I'm hoping someone can share/email some of their Sonar templates.