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Topic: Using JABB 3 with AKA EWI USB

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    Using JABB 3 with AKA EWI USB

    Hi all.
    I'm just trying to find out.
    I've just got a copy of JABB 3, and I'm an EWI user.
    Is it compatible with JABB 3 - and if so, what's the best way to set up the software to work well with the EWI?

    David Tobin

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    Re: Using JABB 3 with AKA EWI USB

    Just install JABB 3. EWI will show JABB in the Aria player.

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    Re: Using JABB 3 with AKA EWI USB

    I just got JABB 3 to add to the sounds available in the Aria Player that came with my Akai EWI USB. Several things concern me:

    The sample quality from the JABB instruments is nowhere near as good as with the Akai version. This is true whether I play them in the new Aria Player or with the Akai version. Likewise, I can import the Akai sounds into the new player where they still sound better than the JABB library ones! I get the same poorer quality whether I play using the EWI or my keyboard for the JABB sounds. What am I missing, or is this just the way it is?

    The range of some of the JABB instruments (such as the basses) can't be reached by the lowest notes available on the EWI. This is strange, because I can for example reach the lowest notes on the Double Bass which is included in the Akai version of the Aria player for the EWI.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: Using JABB 3 with AKA EWI USB

    Actually there's another thing: no transpose of an instrument as in the Akai Aria Player? What's up with that?


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    Re: Using JABB 3 with AKA EWI USB

    OK, I figured out a workaround for the EWI range problem. Went into the sfz file and added 12 to each of the key definitions. Not sure why this should be necessary, but it works. Wouldn't need to do this if there was a transpose function.


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