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Topic: Notation program (MIDI to print)

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    Notation program (MIDI to print)

    Are there any free notation programs available that support import of MIDI files and visualisation of notes/sheet?

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    Re: Notation program (MIDI to print)

    I'm not sure yet, but I think Overture 4 does
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    Re: Notation program (MIDI to print)

    Overture 4 is not free.
    Look for MuseScore and Finale Notepad.
    See also Harmony Assistant to try.
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    Re: Notation program (MIDI to print)

    hey musescore looks nice is it possible to use garitan in it or

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    Re: Notation program (MIDI to print)

    MuseScore would have to be able to host VST instruments in order to use GPO etc. in it. I don't see anything about that on their website, so I'd assume it doesn't.
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