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Topic: what's a good USB sound card...?

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    what's a good USB sound card...?

    Pcmcia has been phased out. I've been using, and have been happy with, the Echo Indigo IO.
    However, its pcmcia.
    My laptop doesn't even have an expresscard slot.

    My question is:
    a) Is there a good adapter to connect my pcmcia card via the usb slot (that doesn't cost an arm or a leg)
    b) If not, what is a very good USB sound card?


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    Re: what's a good USB sound card...?

    I liked Emu 0404 PCI (slowly changing to mac i cannot use anymore) and based this i recommend: Emu 0404 USB. ps. i dont know if have all features you need.

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    Re: what's a good USB sound card...?

    I have a laptop.
    I am thinking of just a basic one. I do have sonar so I am looking at the roland replacement for the UA 1EX.
    I just need one in and one out.

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    Re: what's a good USB sound card...?

    I've recently moved from a desktop, which had an onboard but problematic Creative Audigy soundcard (it's better for gaming, I understand), to my wife's otherwise now redundant but perhaps more powerful laptop, but which didn't have an inbuilt ASIO compliant soundcard.

    I've been very happy with the Focusrite Saffire 6 USB soundcard which was recommended to me by my local supplier (Gear4Music) and which has worked faultlessly since I got it.

    It's entry level (2 in 4 out) but does the job I need with a little room for expansion. It's quite affordable and very portable too!

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