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Topic: Midioverlan and Windows 7

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    Midioverlan and Windows 7

    Is there a problem with Midioverlan (Musiclab) and Windows 7 as I can't get it to receive midi. Please let me know and suggest other midi ethernet platform.

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    Re: Midioverlan and Windows 7

    I'm using MOL 3.3.3 build 440 on a network of W7, WXP, and WXP64 and I don't have any problems.

    Any build previous to 3.3.3. 440 may not work in W7.


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    Re: Midioverlan and Windows 7

    Did you have to change a setting to share ethernet on windows 7??

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    Re: Midioverlan and Windows 7

    I don't know.

    I think there are two ways to set up the network on W7 and the way I have it is that my W7 is not part of the group network of the other computers, but it communicates with the other computers nonetheless.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful on this.

    Do you have the MOL receive set up correctly on the slave computer(s)?

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    Talking Re: Midioverlan and Windows 7

    3 words...

    Vienna Ensemble Pro.

    It's the cats meow.


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    Re: Midioverlan and Windows 7

    Quote Originally Posted by gigagagga View Post
    3 words...

    Vienna Ensemble Pro.

    It's the cats meow.

    Yeah, it's great, but I still need additional midioverlan:
    1) Logics AU only supports 16 midi channels per Unit of VEPro
    2) Mir does not have midi over lan yet

    I use IPMidi from nerds.de. It's cheaper it worked much earlier on snowleopard and Windows 64-bit. I didn't have any problems with it so far. Great deal ...

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    Re: Midioverlan and Windows 7

    Perhaps you can say more about your set up. How many computers are you using and what OS does each have? That may help our troubleshooting.

    I have MOL connecting 4 computers: (a) W7 using VE Pro and MIR, (b) XP 64 and Kontakt 4, (c) W2k and Kontakt2, and (d) my sequencing computer has WXP and Gigastudio 160 on it.

    I'm using the same build of MOL (3.3.3 build 440) on three of the computers. I'm using an earlier build of MOL on the W2k-K2 computer. They all work together.


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    Re: Midioverlan and Windows 7

    Ialso had problems.
    Not only with midioverlan but with networking in general.
    Window and mac didn't see each other. I had to restart both computers several times to make midioverlan and syngery work.
    It wasn't a setting because it did work, it just wasn't reliable and in a tight dealine I almost went crazy restarting and troubleshooting.
    I just gave up. I simply cannot stand windows.
    I also have a mac g5 and a MacBook and so far I haven't ran Into networking problems. The issue was windows7 (before xp)

    yes it did work but I had so many stupid issues , not only networking,
    that I gave up.
    I'm getting a used quad macpro which can load up to32 or more
    and selll at a nice price used.

    Btw vep didn't work either. It does w 16 inst midi ch but another instance would crash both computers

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