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Topic: JABB with Sibelius 6.1

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    JABB with Sibelius 6.1

    Hi. I've recently downloaded JABB, which I'd like to use with Sibelius 6.1 on my Mac. I write standard big band arrangements 5 saxes, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, guitar, bass, keys and drums.

    When I ran the installer I wasn't given an option to install VST or AU formats for the plug-ins.

    I am able to use the stand-alone player with no problems.

    When I try and use JABB with Sibelius it gets tricky. When I access the "Playback Devices" menu I am able to select ARIA player (VST), ARIA player multi (VST) and ARIA player (AU) as options. The only sound set options for each of these is Garritan Personal Orchestra 4.0.

    If I select this and hit "TEST" nothing happens. If I open the ARIA player by pressing the "SHOW" button, I am able to load sounds into each channel (which play on the virtual keyboard in the ARIA player) but I still get no sounds in Sibelius. If I load different ensembles into the ARIA player I get some sounds in Sibelius, but they don't match the instruments in the score (for example, I have my drums on the 16th stave in Sibelius, but even if I load a percussion sound into channel 16 in ARIA, it plays the drums with a piano sound).

    Interestingly, if I save this configuration, then re-opening, all the sounds which I have loaded into the channels have disappeared (they all read "NONE" again).

    Any help would be very much appreciated!

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    Re: JABB with Sibelius 6.1


    there is not yet a Sibelius soundset available for JABB3, this issue is also discussed in the Sibelius forums:


    Hopefully, the Sibelius team will soon offer the soundset for download.

    Cheers, TinTin

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    Re: JABB with Sibelius 6.1

    Thanks so much! That's really helpful; I'd been looking around the Sibelius website without finding that article.


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