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Topic: Gofriller & Ableton

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    Gofriller & Ableton

    Sorry I posted the last post in the wrong forum. I wanted to see if anyone has converted the Gofriller cello into Ableton and had success with it. I know Ableton imports Kontakt files, but I wanted to make sure before I bought it.


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    Re: Gofriller & Ableton

    The Gofriller is encrypted so can't be imported/converted. It is strictly for Kontakt (Player).

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    Re: Gofriller & Ableton

    So do you need to purchase any new software or does it run as a standalone in your DAW?

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    Re: Gofriller & Ableton

    It runs in the free Kontakt Player (Standalone as well as VST, RTAS and AU) - if you can find a second hand license of Gofriller. It has long since been discontinued.

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    Re: Gofriller & Ableton

    Awesome! Thanks, Nickie!

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