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Topic: Divertimento (Vienna Choir demo)

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    Divertimento + Despair (Vienna Choir demo)

    Here's a light demo for strings and Vienna choir.



    Any comments are welcomed.


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    Re: Divertimento (Vienna Choir demo)

    Guy, I enjoyed the piece and some of the phrases were really terrific but on the whole it sounds very much like sampled choir. I know you possess and incredible musicality and I want to make sure you know that I only have the utmost respect for your skills but Vienna Choir just doesn't sound convincing to me. But I applaud you for continuing to work with it and refine the technique involved when using it.

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    Re: Divertimento (Vienna Choir demo)

    Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it, and the nice words

    Just want to point out that the idea is not to put the choirs out of business in terms of realism, but rather have more flexibility with the articulations compared to current libraries.

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    Re: Divertimento (Vienna Choir demo)

    Great demo Guy!
    I was not much impressed with the first demos that appeared on the VSL pages, but this already sounds a lot better, and shows the stronger points of this library versus the competitors.
    I guess this is a question of much programming (keyswitches, velocity crossfades, etc) ?

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    Re: Divertimento (Vienna Choir demo)

    Nice piece! It shows off the legato playing much better than the demos I'd heard before. I'm still not convinced on Vienna Choir, but it's a really nice demo.

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    Re: Divertimento (Vienna Choir demo)

    contratulations for this very good and skillfull demo !

    Yet, as a potential purchaser, 2 things keep worrying me :

    1 : (okay, here I'm not the first one to tell it, but anyway, I'll join the choir -pun intended-) : since the release of this lib, I have yet to hear something which **really** demontrates the **full*" potential of legato in the bass/medium register.
    I don't know if this is because your composing talent feels more at home with higher voices, or if this is because -maybe unconsciously- you avoid them in the foreground '(as in finding them less convincing....)
    Undoubtedbly, this lib has some strengths that other ones do not have, but legato in every register (AND all together) remains to be "ear-approved".
    At the asking price, and with some competition in this area being just around the corner, this is a pity to see time passing by before the special offer deadline, without having figured this out enough to make a "serene" decision...
    (I do not say this last sentence towards you, I guess you already do your best 365 a year to show the best of VSL in general. I just wish VSL had made a few more 'raw', "test" demos, just to show the capabilities in those crucial areas (where they usually excel).

    2 : I may be wrong, but something like 2 weeks ago, you said on 'another' forum you would be back in 2 or 3 days, with a new demo, demontrating better the other lib's strong points.
    Wether I missed this new demo, or this one is the one you were working on.
    In this case (unless of course you had unforeseen, time consuming obligations), this would lead to suppose that mastering this library (and maybe just partially) in order to show it (just partially) is no piece of cake even for a seasoned pro like you.
    You'll understand that this may make less skilled people a bit "shy" ....

    Yours demos' musical content is really not what is doubted here, and of course your music pieces deserve a "hats off".... !
    So I hope you won't resent anything I wrote in my post, I'm simply trying to decide if I will buy this lib or not (1st time ever since VSL debut, I mean for the releases I can afford).

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    Re: Divertimento (Vienna Choir demo)

    Thanks for that reply sirbellog!

    About the demo I said I'd be back with, here's the story: As I was getting ready to post this demo, I suddenly was abducted by some outer space creatures. I was held captive for several days, it was very scary, except on tuesdays, this was chess day. I made a bet with them if I beat their leader in a chess tournament he'd let me free. Well I won and they sent me back to earth.

    So here I am, with this demo. Hope you understand.

    I know the choir can benefit from a few more improvements, but VSL is taking care of this. Not only will there be a complimentary lib, although this was already planned, they are adding some of the peoples wishes. I also made suggestions myself, but I have no idea what they will do.

    At the same time we can see on a demo to demo basis that a lot has to do with programming rather than the sample itself, and of course there's always a learning curve with these things.

    But seriously, regarding what I had said about returning with a demo, I don't remember saying anything about 2 or 3 days. Maybe I said, I'd be back soon, which in the circumstances is in the ballpark. I also did a big demo for Vienna choir and orchestra, which I didn't post because a needed to clean a few spots, and I suddenly started Divertimeto. But I will post this other demo, called Despairs, in a day or 2. (or 3 or 4) just in case

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    Re: Divertimento (Vienna Choir demo)

    Thanks Guy,

    and perhaps this "2 or 3 days" was something I uunconsciously made up when abducted myself a few days ago by those other aliens (no chess players, they prefer brainwashing a la X.Files...
    So you're probably right, no problem.

    I'll eagerly expect that new demo of yours, in 4 or 3 (or 2 or 1 ?) days.... (sorry I don't know how to insert smileys on this forum.)

    Please, while you're at it, add in a few legato lines of more masculine range !

    Edit & PS : just to make it even more necessary, I edit now because I just received the VSL reminder for the special offer ! Those guys have no mercy.....

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    Re: Divertimento (Vienna Choir demo)

    I agree with DaveCos.

    It is my view that with this sort of piece, the goal is to fool the human ear into believing that the players are 'real'. Full stop. I'm supposed to be a musician and -I- can't suspend disbelief on a style that is so full of cultural references.

    Now, if you were doing something like Malcolm Mclaren back in the 80's (remember him?) with opera singers over techno beats and so on? You can get away with -whatever- because the ear -knows- it's not real and frankly thinks that's all the better!

    But all the 'ah ahs' just make me think of Laurie Anderson and frankly? That's not what I should be thinking of when I listen to something like this.

    In short: I'm still not a big fan of VSL Choir, but this demo does the product no great favours IMHO.

    Sorry... even Beethoven had off days. Most everything else I've heard of yours has been great.



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    Re: Divertimento (Vienna Choir demo)

    I thought a large part of it sounded realistic enough, at least I was fooled, honestly. Of course some passages could still be programmed better.

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