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Topic: Gigastudio Verb

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    Gigastudio Verb

    Anyone had a chance to compare it with, say, sblive verb and the other better known verb plugs?

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    Re: Gigastudio Verb

    I personally think that NFX 1 is not as good as I thought it would... Well, this is my observation:

    - I like the fact that all parameters can be controlled via MIDI.
    - The contour sliders are very useful to control the coloration - I use this a lot.

    - The decay envelope seems to cut off unrealistically. I compare this with TrueVerb and my old BOSS RV-70, I like the TrueVerb and BOSS RV-70 much better - Sorry, I personally dislike SBLive Verb.
    - The space image (stereo image) seems pretty narrow.. sort of like MONO. If I listen to the wet only signal, it\'s not really mono, but when I mix with the dry signal, the wet one seems too narrow.

    Weird that nemesys didn\'t think that DirectX plugin such as TrueVerb can handle realtime stuff. I can run TrueVerb in Cubase VST (several of them) and run LIVE inputs routed through these plugins and have virtually no latency. I\'m using an Athlon 600Mhz 256Mb RAM, MOTU 2408 + SBLive. The MOTU 2408 runs at 7ms latency.

    -- Abi

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