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Topic: Can't get Garritan to appear in Pro Tools

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    Can't get Garritan to appear in Pro Tools

    After successfully accessing the Garritan Steinway for years from an external firewire drive, I just re-installed it on a new internal drive. The installation seems good—Sample Manager diagnoses it as being OK.

    However: When I try to use it as a stand-alone, SOMETIMES it works and sometimes it doesn't. (It crashes while launching, or else I get the "spinning beachball of death.")

    And, I've been totally unable to get it to appear in Pro Tools as an insert plugin. Other clues:

    •The Garritan Files are installed on an internal drive, not a startup drive.
    •I run the standalone while booted up from Mac OS 10.6.3.
    •I run Pro Tools on Mac OS 10.4
    •I've re-installed the latest Garritan version several times. (I don't know where the label "version 1.04" is supposed to appear on my computer, but Sample Manager is now 1.055, and Steinway D is now 1.091)
    • The SteinwayRTAS.dpm plugin is installed in the default folder, and reads "7.3x0. Modified 11.19.2007". Is that up-to-date?

    I'd greatly appreciate some help!

    Bruce Siegel

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    Re: Can't get Garritan to appear in Pro Tools

    Hi Bruce,
    It's going to be easiest to take care of you with support email. To keep things speedy I'll send you a private message momentarily so that you can contact me via email. In general, you'll want to run the Garritan "Report Technical Issue" application, but we'll go over that and it should be fairly simple. Also, I know this is probably totally obvious and not part of the problem, but you'll need the Steinway installed on your OSX10.4 system as well as your OSX10.6 system if you want to use it to show up in ProTools on OSX10.4.
    Talk to you soon-

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