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Topic: Passing Friends

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    Passing Friends

    Well, this will be the last one... Fishing season is just around the corner!

    This is a companion piece to 'Cloudy Days', meant to be bookends to an album. Piano quartet /w guitar, harpsichord flute, horn and English horn (at some point we're not a quartet anymore! ).

    It features a hold up on the 5th degree at 2:05 which doesn't resolve to the root for 20 seconds (end of violin solo). Like 'Cloudy Days' is presents a simple theme and then varies it through the piece, then repeats it at the end.

    Piano: AkoustiK Piano, "Grand Concert D". EQ -4.4 dB @ 500 hz, BW=0.46. Light compression 2.4:1, 7 ms Attack, 85 ms Rel.
    Acoustic Guitar: RealGuitar 2.0, "Steel Fingered". EQ low shelf -5 dB @ 418 hz. Med compression 2.8:1, 0.7 ms Attack, 85 ms Release.

    GPO Instruments:
    Violin: Violin 1 Gagli Solo KS, default KS with a few Up/dwn strokes.
    Viola: Viola Solo KS, default KS.
    Cello: Cello 1 Solo KS, default KS. EQ -4 dB @ 200 hz, BW=1.
    Harpsichord: Harpsichord KS, default KS. EQ high shelf -3 dB @ 6 kc (to not compete with guitar).
    Flute: Flute Solo KS, vibrato on long notes.
    English Horn: English Horn 1 Solo,
    Horn: French Horn 1 Solo. EQ -5 dB @ 391, BW=0.6. 2 dB peaking @ 2 kc.

    Altiverb: "Edison", st-st 7.54m. 1 instance used as FX with sends. Piano -2 dB, Brass/wood +2 dB, all else 0 dB. Level = -9 dB (~35% wet).

    Master: EQ -1.6 dB @ 430 hz, BW 1.0. Limit to max average of -17 dB power level.


    Haven't had anyone listen to it yet so the mix is probably way out of line. Piano and guitar seem to have too aggressive attack phases and the eq probably is best (well with my hearing is sounds ok - so the eq must be bad ).

    Let me know if it sounds ok.


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    Re: Passing Friends

    Hello there, John.

    Usually, I would end my salutation with an exclamation point, but the calming sensation your piece has had on me would make that seem out of place

    I really did enjoy the light feel to this; it reminds me of perhaps a late spring or early summer day. The fluttering piano really makes this piece quite relaxing.

    Thanks for posting.

    (Again, exclamation point intentionally excluded from the previous sentence)

    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
    youtube channel
    soundclick page

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